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Written by Kim Reed

Okay guys first let me introduce Ben, talk about funny! This guy knows funny. His standup certainly isn’t for kids but nonetheless he is hilarious. I got the opportunity to interview him and just laugh. I tell you no lie, he is grateful for it all cause he can do it all! I’m telling you guys, Ben Glieb is an all around comedian. Check him out on and right here in this interview…


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The Source: Hi Ben, it’s Kim from The Source, how’s it going?


Ben: I’m good, how are you?


The Source: Am good, first let me take the time to thank you for doing this opportunity.


Ben: You’re welcome!


The Source: What’s going on, what’s new?


Ben: Am here in Atlanta kicking it in my hotel room, on the internet, waiting on my show tonight.


The Source: How is the show looking tonight?


Ben: It’s looking real good. We got all kinds of people rollin out to come check out my stand up, fans of the show and fans of my act.


The Source: I would love to experience that, hopefully I will one day.


Ben: Where do you live L.A.?


The Source: No, I live in New York.


Ben: I may be doing some colleges out there.


The Source: I will defiantly look out for that. You started off doing hidden camera?


Ben: Yeah man, I started off in college, doing my own TV show called “The Gleib Show” that was hidden camera and news pieces and sketches. I also started doing standup when I graduated college, shortly after that, real quick, I met success in the L.A. standup scene and then I sold my show “The Gleib Show” to National Lampoon Network for like colleges across the country. I did my thing there, the show was hidden camera


The Source: That’s great. So how did the “Wedding Crashers” piece come along?


Ben: It was actually some good luck of mine. A good friend of mine who was on “Punked”, Owen Benjamin went to audition for it. He went in and so happens the casting director asked if he could recommend anybody else for the show and next thing you know…


The Source: That was a good lookout for you and an even better friend!


Ben: Yeah pretty crazy question to ask for someone who wanted the job himself. It was a huge looking out.


The Source: What was the best standup u did and where?


Ben: I like to perform on TV, I like to do the “Late Show”, that was great; you get to perform for a million people at once. It’s better than 200 people in Iowa, but as far as gigs… I don’t know. I like performing a lot, I like performing for ethnic crowds. I love performing at Latino nights, they go nuts. Performing in L.A., there were a couple nights I performed on the comedy two’s show at the improvs and I been on line up’s like in one night Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, Sarah Silverman all in one line up.


The Source: Those are all really great comedians, being in that atmosphere what was it like for you?


Ben: It’s incredible; you grow up watching these people. It’ s pretty crazy watching these comics and all of a sudden you’re a colleague of theirs and you’re doing the exact same job and I follow these people. They say it’s hard to follow great people, and I followed all these people. I followed Chappelle, I followed Dane Cook, and it’s all the same time an incredible honor but it also legitimizes you like crazy. You work your ass off at the little workout rooms and open mic. Build to a certain point where you’re playing the big clubs and you stop and realize how far you’ve come. A lot of the times I’ll end up in the line up with all these stars whom I looked up to and that’s when you can’t help but take pause and look around and be like damn this is how far I’ve come already and I barely getting started and it gives you like this crazy fuel to keep going.


The Source: Do you have any major inspirations that led you to this point in your life, to allow you to pursue your goals and dreams? Who are the top three people that you can honestly say they’re the reason I’m going to do this.


Ben: Top three people have to be George Carlin, just a genius prolific comic. He comes out with an hour every year. Brilliant passionate shit! Eddie Murphy, I love Eddie Murphy, delirious and raw and all these amazing movies. Like I don’t just want to do stand up I want to act and write, direct, and produce and stand up. I’m already doing all that stuff. I had a movie last year with Charlie Murphy called “Bar stars”, and Eddie Murphy showed how to be so funny, brilliant less comedy but so charming and likable on camera. Then you get a big film career from it and become one of the top names in comedy. Third is probably Johnny Carson, because I always liked talk shows too.


Being able to put people to bed with just great talk show, where you get to introduce people to their favorite stars and chat with them. I think maybe I want to end my career in 30 or 40 years from now hosting a late night talk show. Johnny did it with such charm and humor.


The Source: Since you want to pursue acting, produce and direct, would you star in your own movies? Will you use big names?


Ben: The answer is simple I would like to do both. (Laughs) I’ve already written and directed my own “The Glieb Show” for Lampoon and we sold that to Fox last year. Lauren Michaels was producing it. I got a few scripts in the works for movies I want to direct and act in. I wrote them, but until I get those scripts polished and get a lil more “cash’e” in the industry, I’m very happy to just get parts in films with people I admire, you know? Being in the movie with Charlie Murphy was very legitimizing for me. He’s hilarious for real.


I was up for the lead role in a dramatic film where I was gonna playing this crazy, homeless guy who witnessed all this tragedy in his life. I got called in for that. Some people seen me on Wedding Crashers and you wouldn’t think from doing hidden camera comedy you’d be seen at that but, as much as the industry can be bullshit, there are some quality people out there who can recognize talent and can maybe spot something that you believe you can bring to the table. I didn’t get that movie but I got the call back and they were considering me.


I never even thought much about dramatic acting. Basically I just want to maybe seize those opportunities and just keep bringing my comedy and my performances to larger and larger audiences. For me it’s about getting people a chance to relax and take a load off, smile, and kick back. This world is so stressful these days. If I could make people think a little bit great but, if I can just make them laugh, that’s my #1 goal. That’s all I really care to do is just give them a chance to kick back and take their minds off their problems for a minute.


The Source: I’m pretty sure you met many people in the industry, who were the most inspiring to meet?


Ben: That’s a good question. Chappelle. He’s an icon in comedy. At the time his show was on the air and he was probably the #1 comedian in the country. I went up to him at the laugh factory and I thought he wouldn’t care to spend ten seconds with me and he was so humble I told him I loved his special and that I love the jokes he told about how he was with his kid and he was looking at his kid and said  ‘you came from my balls man” I told chapelle that cracked me up and he was so touched by my compliment  you could see that it meant a lot  to him that I really appreciated what he did.


He looked at me and was like awe man really thanks you so much for saying that. That was a great lesson to learn for me. I also met Elton John and that was cool. He was about to go on stage to receive the lifetime achievement award. That’s a pretty self centered moment you’re getting an award for what he’s done, and I asked him if I could take a picture with him backstage. He was the nicest guy. He was like yeah of course let’s find a good backdrop and make sure you like the picture. I was like man this guy got his priorities right… I will take time out enjoy my fans.


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