Angela Yee: More than Music

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-by Charles “CZA” Sweet II


            You know her from Sirius Radio’s “Cipha Sounds Effect” morning show. What you don’t know is that behind the angelic voice and scathing remarks she has had more of an influence on hip hop than the majority of rappers in it. Look in the rolodex of your favorite rapper and you might just recognize the name, and if you don’t, be sure to recognize the talent. Don’t let the soft voice fool you; this lady’s about her business because this is more than music.

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Q. Tell us about how you got to where you are today.


A. I believe it was a combination of skill and luck. I interned for Wu-Tang Management and TVT records amongst others and when I finished school, I went to work for Wu-Tang Management and during that time, I actually had Eminem open up for Wu-Tang at a show in Staten Island and so that’s how I met his manager, Paul Rosenberg. Ever since then, we’ve been cool and he hired me to work at the clothing line and then he hired me to work at the radio station. I didn’t have any experience doing radio but they figured they would give me a try because I had a lot of connections in the industry. They thought I had a good personality and sometimes it’s hard to hire someone who’s already in radio because they have a set way of thinking and he [Paul Rosenberg] was like, “We’re going to mold her.” to fit the position that they wanted me in. Then they gave me the big speech about me being all sensitive and touchy about things. Even now people are sensitive and touchy about everything when it comes to like race and women. It’s at a really different climate right now. They thought I was going to take offense to every little thing, but I’m not like that. I think a lot of times people say things that they think would shock me but nothing really shocks me, so it’s funny to me. Trust me; I can come back even harder. I appreciate the fact that women who listen to the show like me because they think I represent for the ladies. When people say something that they think would offend me, I’ll just turn it around and make them look and sound stupid.


Q. What do you see yourself doing post-Shade 45? What’s next for you?


A. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Doing my blog on Myspace has helped me out a lot so I would say that it has helped me out a lot that I can express myself that way and people will go and read it and leave feedback. It helped me realize that whatever I want to do, I have a built-in audience already for that. I want to write a book, and when I do, I know that there will be people who’ll know about it and I can promote all over Sirius. I have to take advantage of that. That’s my goal for the year, to write a book. A book like The Devil Wears Prada, I read that book and I feel like I could write a book better than that if I sat down and put my head into it.


Q. Would you ever do regular radio?


A. (Pause) Yeah. I would think so. I mean, there’s more money because we don’t have commercials, but with regular radio you get the benefits right away. People know you locally. With Sirius it’s different because it’s all spread out internationally. It’s not very often that I go somewhere and someone knows who I am. I appreciate satellite radio, and some people who do regular radio say that they couldn’t see me doing regular radio because I don’t watch what I say. I’m kind of an uncensored person and there are a lot more restrictions and regulations on standard radio. I might get fired, but I’d definitely try it.


Q. You have double duty as you do another show—supposedly a more risqué one. Tell us about that.


A. I have a show on Monday nights, it’s a female show—really a sex show and we interview people and get all into their personal lives. It’s me and Mia Rose, the music editor over at XXL. It’s called “Lip Service” and we really get the dirty, deep secrets out of people.


Q. Who have you had on the show?


A. We’ve had Gloria Velez, Carl Thomas, Tony Yayo and a whole bunch of other people. What makes our show different is that we have a bartender—Stoli sponsors it and everybody gets drunk. We had Nas’ baby mama on there, Carmen Bryan. Swizz Beats, Paul Wall, you know, just a whole mix of different people from different areas of the entertainment world.


Q. Hear any really crazy stories on the show?


A. Paul Wall. (laughs) He told us about how he jerks off all the time on the road, so much so that he got the name Jackmaster P. It’s some funny S—. He said he does it like 15 times a day. We had a dominatrix on one day and a guy got butt a—naked in the studio and she whipped him. She even put clothes pins on his testicles! It was so funny. We had callers that said they were into it. We had Fabolous on, and what we’ll do is bring in a couple King magazine girls or some video chicks and make them feel awkward. Gloria Velez told us about some of the things she would do to guys and we called up Joe Budden and we’d ask him how she was in bed and he wouldn’t answer. He was trying to be all cool but we could tell he was sweating bullets.


Q. Do you stream the show anywhere or is it subscription only?


A. We sometimes post up clips of the show on the Lip Service myspace page and we change it every week. Speaking of which, check me out at


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