Breathe Again: Fabolous

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Derek Phifer

Now a seasoned veteran in the rap game, Fabolous is back on the scene with a new album and two singles that are blazing up the charts. Well respected in most circles for his flow and wordplay, Fab is looking to add on to his legacy with his new baby “From Nothin’ To Somethin’.” In this interview with’s Derek Phifer, Fab sat down to talk about his new album, his opinions on the best rapper in the game, the King of New York, Stack Bundles, motivation and more. Now under the tutelage of Jay-Z, will Fab see his album sales sky rocket, or will he get Method Manned in the soap opera that is Def Jam?

Derek Phifer: What’s good Fab?

Fabolous: What’s up?

DP: Chillin’, chillin’ man.

DP: So what’s been going on with you man? Really haven’t heard much news about you up until this album.

FAB: Yea man. I had to really wait and get this situation cleared up with the switching labels and then after that I went in to record, so that was the whole time that I really took off know what I’m sayin’?

DP: Your album “From Nothing To Something” dropped in stores yesterday June 11 right?

FAB: Yea, yea.

DP: Based on those first day numbers, where do you expect your album to land on the charts next week?

FAB: Ummmmm…I think, I don’t know, I think I might be, I came out with a big dog, I heard that Toby Keith actually came out at the same time as me, so that’s a whole different lane of competition right there. That’s Country music. Over here in the states, Country music out sells pretty much every Hip-Hop album. I guess we’ll have to see how that turns out.

DP: What kind of mark do you normally set for your first week sales to classify it as a good week or a success?

FAB: I mean, I really usually have my average; my average is about 180 (thousand). So umm, I guess if I do that I guess I’ll be doing what I was doing on my last three albums.

DP: When you started out rappin’ in the game, did you think you’d be where you are right now this many years into it?

FAB: Umm, when I started out rappin’, I just really was doin’ it for a hobby, so I never even thought I would be an artist.

DP: Do you think that you still have anything to prove as an MC at this point?

FAB: Umm, I think that I can get better and better as an MC. I don’t really feel like I have anything to prove to anybody. I feel like I can improve, even better, I can be a bigger and bigger and bigger and better MC, but umm, I don’t feel like I need to prove, if there’s anything I got to prove, I got to prove it to myself really.

DP: A lot of cats have been jumpin’ ship over there at Def Jam and complaining about the way Jay-Z has been running things. Is there any validity to the claims that he’s used all of the money to advertise his album?

FAB: Man, I think Jay-Z has his own budget. I don’t think he uses any of anybody else’s money you know what I’m sayin’? I guess a lot of things happened. Jay-Z, he’s a different artist, you know what I mean, he’s a much bigger artist than a lot of good artists, so his promotion is at a different level. I don’t compare my situation with any other artist or with Jay-Z. I’m just workin’ it and what I have to do, outside of the label promotion, I have to do what I have to do too. I can’t just depend on the label, you know what I’m sayin’?

DP: Right, right. So you you’ve probably heard by now what happened to the homeboy Stack Bundles out here the other day right?

FAB: Yea.

DP: Yea, so when that type of stuff happens, does it kind of justify when dudes just leave the hood and don’t look back?

FAB: Umm, I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s justifiable for not looking back, but it’s justifiable for you…like everybody in the hood is not for your best interest. You can look at maybe Stack’s situation; he was a little too close for comfort, know what I mean? Certain things, that even I feel myself, that the hood is not capable of tolerating. Like Stacks, the way he had two cars and he was in the projects, and that kind of thing is hard for them to stomach or swallow or somethin’. It’s just like, you know, even when you come in and show them love in the same predicament that they in, it’s like maybe they still feel like you’re rubbin’ it in their face or somethin’. It’s like a hard thing; it’s like a catch 22. Like, you wanna show hood love and do everything, but then certain times you can get situations like what happened with Stack and it just make you wonder if it’s even worth it you know what I’m sayin’?

DP: Yea. So excluding yourself, who’s the best rapper in the game right now and why?

FAB: Umm, excluding myself? I would have to say I still feel like Jay-Z is a hell of a rapper. Like he’s one of the dudes, like the way he puts his songs together, metaphors, word play, flow like he’s still one of the top. You haven’t heard too many people say they haven’t heard the Jay-Z that you may have known in the past see what I’m sayin’, but he’s still like top dog, he’s still does his thing.

DP: Who’s the best producer right now?

FAB: The best producer, uhh, in my ear, I would have to say it’s gotta be between, I haven’t heard a producer in a while that could make a whole song, I would have to say between Timbaland and Akon. Timbaland and Akon are two great producers right now. I don’t think that Akon gets a lot of production credit cause people don’t know that he be doin’ to these joints, but he is definitely a problem on the beats.

DP: Yea, I ain’t even know he did beats.

DP: So what do you think it’s going to take for these New York rappers to stop going at each other’s necks and just put the state back where it’s supposed to be in the rap game?

FAB: Umm, I think they need to just make good music man. They all fightin’ over something that’s so subtle and the “King of New York” when that’s not even, that title doesn’t really even mean anything at the present time you know what I’m sayin’? They need to really focus on the bigger page you know what I mean, the bigger picture.

DP: How is “From Nothin’ To Somethin’” going to be different from the rest of your albums that we’ve heard so far?

FAB: I mean definitely good music and as far as that goes, every album, that’s a lot. My push is to make great music, but perhaps that shows a little goal. It shows different scenarios, it caters to different ears, and it’s versatile in the music you know what I’m sayin’? Like I said, with the growth, it doesn’t just go over people’s heads, it grows the fan with it, so that’s another thing it does.

DP: This far into the game, is it hard for you not to fall into the trap of rapping about your money on every track due to a lack of relevant material?

FAB: Umm, I mean certain things, even when I talk about money in a sense it’s metaphoric, it’s in different situations, you know what I’m sayin’, money is a topic that everybody relates to, whether they gettin’ money or tryin’ to make money, whether they don’t have money, it’s a similar situation to everybody, so there’s a lot of ways to talk about money you know what I’m sayin’. I never really have a problem talkin’ about money or situations of money. The title of my album is “From Nothin’ To Somethin’” you know what I’m sayin’, about what people know as the motivation of the music is to motivate people who have whatever they have to want more, not to call anybody’s anything nothing. If you have something, you should want more also, you know what I’m sayin’? I feel like a lot of people have that mindset, not in just becoming a billionaire or anything, but if you’re a journalist, you may want your own magazine one day and there’s nobody that says you can’t have it or shouldn’t have it, so sometimes motivation can be music too. Music can keep your day goin’ smooth and help your day go through easier and keep you focused on what you tryin’ to become, you know what I’m sayin, and that’s what I was tryin’ to do with the music on this album and uhh talkin’ money sometimes motivates too. People get motivated when they talk about money so, it’s definitely something that I wanted to do.

DP: I saw you on 106 & Park yesterday and this is kind of a left field question that I wanted to ask you, who do you think looks better, Roxy or Free, the old host?

FAB: Uhh, I think I would go for Free. Free is a little more curvy. Roxy is a little bit young. I just like Free’s personality, not to disclaim Roxy as a person, because Roxy is actually my friend just the same. On that kind of level, I’m probably lookin’ for Free.

DP: Is there anything else that you want to say before we wrap up the interview?

FAB: Oh nah just appreciate everybody that’s been supportin’ me on all levels, not just with this album, but for the last albums also and if they wanna holla at me they can hit me up on the myspace page Check it out and that’s pretty much it. Get that album, it’s in the stores, “From Nothin’ To Somethin’”


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