Troy Hudson AKA T-Hud

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Written by Starbourne

Up until recently, Troy Hudson has been known for his solid defense and precise shooting as a point guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now with his own label, Nutty Boyz Entertainment, and debut album “Undrafted” dropping on July 17th, only one thing comes to mind when listening to T-Hud. The Mid-West is making a comeback. Typically when a ball player drops an album the end result is always the same , failure. Yet with T-Hud’s first hit single, “True Love” feat . Ray-J, he joins the ranks of this summer’s R&B hit list while “White 550”, the 2nd single, is undeniably a classic club banger. T-Hud is currently touring with Bow Wow’s Price of Fame Tour until late July, and there are even talks about a Young Jeezy tour in the near future. The basketball phenom and now most importantly, certified hip hop artist is making sure that he “puts the mid-west on the map, if you feel me holla back!”

Starb: Congrats on the success of the first hit single “Tru Love”. It’s hott, but how did you two even hook up?

T-Hud: It was through a mutual friend. Ray-J was contacted and he was with it and we went from there.

Starb: Ok…then you flip it with the oh-so crunk joint, “White 550”?

T-Hud: I wanted something more street to be released. That’s what most of the album is like. Besides, it’s the club joint. We allowed it to work itself.

Starb: You collaborated with a lot of great artists on “Undrafted” including Project Pat, Bun B and The Clipse… why them?

T-Hud: All the artists on the album are people that I’m fond of. Triple 6, I look up to them. The Clipse, they’re young but on top of their game. All those artists had an element I desired.

Starb: So those were your influences when you were recording your album?

T-Hud: Not necessarily influenced. I just admire them. My influences are Pac, Big, Jay-Z and Scarface. There are more but those are my top 4.

Starb: How long you been doing music?

T-Hud: For about 15 years. I have dropped two albums previously in the underground circuit but “Undrafted” is the first mainstream project.

Starb: So if you had to choose … basketball or music?

T-Hud: My first love is entertaining. Even in basketball there is a form of entertaining in the game itself. That’s something I did to establish myself and make a living. Music is and always has been my passion.

Starb: What’s your opinion of the overall stage of hip hop at the moment?

T-Hud: I think it’s good. I definitely think it’s shifted to south at the moment. Most people think it’s all dance and two step but there is a lot of talent in the south. We just have to adapt. Hip hop has changed, not died. You gotta get in where you can fit in.

Starb: Most ballers turned rappers have unsuccessfully done so. Do you feel your album is better than theirs?

T-Hud: I think my album is better than most rappers in general. It’s a genuine attempt not something for the media. I know I will fall into that category of rapper/baller, but once the album is heard, I can be put to the test against any rapper, period.

Starb: How do you get in the vibe to create and make music?

T-Hud: Early in the morning when my mind is clear. Most of my album, believe it or not, was written in the car. It’s less stressful that way.

Starb: What’s your average schedule like now , as opposed to the ball schedule?

T-Hud: Average day is steady grinding. That never changes. Interviews and videos. I workout and I try to stay focused.

Starb: What’s your goal with this album?

T-Hud: To put the Midwest on and start a whole Midwest movement. It’s our time to do it.

Starb: By the way, are you single right now?

T-Hud:* Laughs* T-Hud is not single right now but get the album July 17th, “Undrafted”.


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