Poison Pen: Mark of The East

June 19, 2007 at 10:28 pm | Posted in Interviews | Leave a comment

Written by Brandi Woodson

NYC’s Brooklyn born, rap artist, Poison Pen, is heating up the city streets again giving longtime fans a dose of hip hop revelation with the summer release of his latest mix tape work entitled “Pick Your Poison: Mark of the East.”

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Pen is no stranger in the industry. He took his first strides in high school as an MC with no name. “One day I read the paper and saw the headline about some artist that was harassing people and the paper called him the man with a poison pen,” stated Pen. When I saw that I was like, that’s my new name. Pen was NYC’s raging underground MC conquering the entire NY MC Battle Circuit in 1996. Rhyming is an art form, just like painting, dancing and hustling. If you don’t know the techniques of the genre, you can easily be swept off your feet.   Pen decided to take time off and began hosting a popular lyricist competition, Da Cypha Emcee Battles. This competition was featured throughout NYC including special showcases at Kevin Powell and Russell Simmons Hip Hop speaks.

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While carrying a history of credible lyricism, and notable community work, Pen’s persistent passion to rap resurfaced and brought him back into the game. He founded the Indie Rap Clique Stronghold which include members Breez Evaflowin’, C Rayz Walz, Immortal Technique, and DJ Static. Pen considers himself to be the embodiment hip-hop. “I’m like the hip hop personality in everything I do,” says Pen. “I’m not a drug dealer, I never was but I am authentic.”  Growing up in a religious environment with the support of family member Pen says he is mostly inspired by rap legend Ice Cube. “He changed the game so many times,” said Pen. “He reinvented himself, became a solo artist, and an accomplished actor and director.

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With two solo albums under his belt, Pen is anticipating his dual releases in 2007 with his upcoming mix tape release on June 19th entitled, Pick Your Poison: Mark of the East,” and album release set for December.


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