Breakdown FM: Rough, Rugged & Raw-We Interview Blastmaster KRS-One

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Davey D

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    What Do You Think Makes Up A KRS?

    by Davey D

    A day after KRS-One lit up SOB’s here in New York by announcing he is the new chairman of the Washington DC based fledgling television network ‘The Real Hip Hop Network’, we sat down with the Blastmaster to pick his brain on a number of topics.

    First we started off by talking about the days he was homeless and how he survived living on the streets. We spoke specifically about the times he sought shelter in the World Trade Center and how he would be chased and beaten by the police. In the past KRS has made remarks about the WTC which has gotten him into trouble because some thought he was being insensitive to the victims who died tragically in the Towers. KRS clears the air about that and goes into greater detail about his early days on the streets.

    KRS switched gears during our interview and talked about the importance of having cultural vision which essentially means that we should seek out people who share the same spirit and sentiments we have and go out of our way to show love, respect and build with one another. He illustrated his point by recounting and incident he and Hakim of the group Channel Live who was also present in the studio that night, had experienced after an hour of trying to catch a cabin mid-town Manhattan. KRS talked about how they stop flagging cabs and began focusing on on Black folks who immediately pulled over and gave them a ride. He acknowledged that his celebrity gave him a clear advantage in that scenario, but the concept of us doing for each other is one that can be perfected and more readily used.

    Also in our interview KRS talked about flossing and having bling. He said he saw nothing wrong with driving a Bently. In fact he notes he has one, but would never want to floss in front of poor and nowadays working people who are also struggling. He said its not appropriate or necessary.

    We also talked about the War in Iraq and the concern that some have had regarding Hip Hop’s lack of voice around this crucial issue. KRS who released a heartfelt song called Soldier which takes George Bush to task, spoke about the anti-war conferences he has done in the past and the reason for doing the songs.

    KRS talked at length about his vision for programming the Real Hip Hop TV Network and the types of challenges he would have as one of their goals would be to unify and showcase Hip Hop’s entire culture. KRS acknowledged that Hip Hop is full of contradictions and like it or not the entire culture is thugs and scholars, ‘bitches’ and Queens and ‘niggas’ and kings. That’s our entire culture and we have to find ways to bring them all in and engage it in a mature way” he noted.

    He went on to add that the new network he is heading up should engage the audience in robust conversations and challenge people from all sides. He referenced the lack of balance on Oprah Winfrey‘s recent Hip Hop Townhall Meeting. KRS said everyone was there but the strippers who are in the videos and the thug rappers who put them there. Why not include them in the conversation? he asked, our community has a right to know why someone in the face of harsh criticism and disapproval from some would still continue to do what they do.

    KRS concluded that portion by talking about accountability and how a process needs to be set up so that he and others can be in step with their audience.

    Finally we concluded our interview by talking about the Landmark album ‘Hip Hop Lives‘. KRS talked about how he and Marley Marl hooked up and what they hoped to accomplish with this release.

    Always colorful and definitely thought provoking, KRS left no stone un-turned in this interview which is bound to get folks talking.

    Hip Hop Lives Video

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