R. Kelly – “Double Up”

June 15, 2007 at 8:19 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

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By Juanda Cleckley

Miami, Florida 

It was my good listening enjoyment to hear “R. Kelly’s” “Double Up” CD.  R. Kelly true to form is a Master at his work and this CD continues to reflect his genius.  The collaborations are excellent and it was good to hear from “Nelly” (I was wondering where he was); Ludracris, Keyshia Cole and others to add to the unique range of entertainment that is unique to “R. Kelly.” 

He begins the CD by announcing “He’s the Champ” in “The Champ featuring Swizz Beat”.  An announcement that die hard fans like me were waiting for him to declare to the world.  Human error, failure or not our gifts and talents are what keep us connected to the Universe and the Master R. Kelly expresses that supremely in this project.  “Double Up” was one of cuts that, if you are real, you have to sit back and know well, this is the way of the world today for some and expressing it, he seemed to enjoy the ride.  Kelly goes from over the top with his expression of courage, continuing and strength to my personal favorite, “Real Talk” where he is telling his girl what most women who have a man on their team need to hear.  Kelly deals with real life issues from a Chicago home grown flavor- just plain good common sense. His ode to the tragedy at Virginia Tech brings to light his ability to remain sensitive to the world around him while expressing his versatility as an artist from ballads to love songs, Hip Hop to tributes Kelly masterfully handles the task and leaves you with a product that allows you to feel that you have truly been entertained by the experience.  “Double Up” is a must hear.   Kelly brings to the stage his experience, strength, talent, growth and courage that regardless of how people love you when you are up or down in the industry the fact is the race still is not given to the swift, neither to the strong but to them that endure to the end.  “Now that we got that out the way…”  

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