Paper Dolls Media plans a “takeover” of Urban Talk Radio

June 15, 2007 at 8:26 pm | Posted in Hip Hop News/Press Releases | Leave a comment

On June 3, 2007 Paper Dolls Media launched it’s first talk radio show, Paper Dolls.Paper Dolls is a one-hour urban lifestyle talk radio program, hosted by long-time friends, Dannyell Mitchell, T. Strong aka Dat Chic, Shannon G., and Atheia Burke – the self-proclaimed CBC’s (cute black chics). Each broadcast will feature discussions on topical issues centered around fashion, beauty, life and culture coupled with listener-contributions. The program’s intent is to provide coverage of subject matter of interest in a fresh and appealing manner.

Predicated on their fifteen-year friendship, the program will draw influence from their various “life journeys” and the lessons they have learned along the way. Offering a fresh face to urban radio, the quartet plans to lend encouragement to those looking for support, confirmation, or a different perspective with wit, compassion and uncensored candor. Simply stated, if Sex in the City and Girlfriends had a love child, it would be a talk radio show named Paper Dolls. A special program feature will be the “CBC Rule of the Week”. This weekly mantra is created by T. Strong to assist honorary Paper Dolls in “remaining true to themselves at all times”. Realizing that as women grow from “baby dolls” into true “Paper Dolls”, there are numerous opportunites to loose touch with one-self. These “rules” are inteneded to maintain a certain level of realism in the advice given on the show in relation to the topic of the day.

Paper Dolls is geared toward mid to upper-level income cosmopolitan females between the ages of 18 to 35, with a keen eye for high-end luxury brands and an appetite for the unique. They are self-assured women, striving for more while seeking balance between life, family and career. Although the show is intended for progressive urban females, men and women of all demographics are encouraged to tune in and participate.

Paper Dolls airs Sundays 7pm to 8pm EST on Bleu Radio. To listen to Paper Dolls, log on to during show times.



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