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Another week with more stories.

This may not seem as important to everyone, but it is to me. I was listening (why? I don’t know) to Hot 97 last week and Zab Judah was on the show. Judah, a Black pro boxer, was getting ready to fight Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto, the day before the PR parade. So, Zab was on the show talking about how he was going to embarass Cotto right before the parade. Eventually, the conversation turned into one of Black v. Latino. It reached an all-time high when a Latina woman called in saying: ‘All your men want our women.’ This infuriated Ms. Jones, who began to call Latina women everything in the book from sluts to dirty.

First, the caller was at fault for saying that because that’s an opinion, not a fact. But, of course, the radio host who should take the higher road decided to sling dirt her way too. For the next 30 minutes, it was back and forth arguring on the hotlines between Blacks and Puerto Ricans. White people rejoice. We will never surpass you because we can’t even get along with each other. Minorities in this country are pathetic.

By the way, I’m glad Cotto whipped that overrated, arrogant ass Judah.

Zab’s career is sinking faster than Sebastian Telfair’s.

Did you see the Village Voice cover with the Black model half naked on it? The issue focused on Black men’s magazines. My problem…why haven’t I seen a white or Asian woman on the front cover in the same attire?

That will never happen. We all know why…

Boxer Diego Morales died in a motorcycle crash close to a month ago. His alchohol level was 3x the legal limit. Some people never learn.

A few weeks ago, Barack went to a Mississippi church and said that ‘Blacks are being ignored and a quiet riot is growing amongst us’ if I’m correct. This was Barack trying to get to the only vote that might even give him an inkling of a shot. The Black vote. He knows Hillary is cutting into it, so he wants to make sure he gets it back with some pro-black rhetoric in a sense. Let’s face it folks, we may see Barack in the White House but not with a capital P, but a capital V.P.

Lebron James…is every sportscaster in love with this guy or what? I mean, it got to the point where people actually started to believe that they could beat the Spurs. Not very smart. As I’m writing this, the Spurs are up 3-0. Instead of praising Lebron, appreciate the couple of good years Timmy Duncan has left. He will go down as one of the top 10 players to ever lace up a pair of sneakers. Too bad he isn’t a loud mouth or gets arrested like a Cincinnati Bengal. Then maybe we’d talk about him.

On immigration: just let them in for god’s sake. We use them for centuries, but then want to get rid of them when we feel like it. That’s not right. But this is America…what is?

That blonde chick in jail isn’t worth the writing space.

Andre 3000 is the best rapper alive. Hands down! Did you see the ‘International Players’ video? They constructed a whole song off his whole verse. Classic!

So T.I. thinks he should’ve won best album over Ludacris at the Grammy’s? He also thinks that Ludacris knows he didn’t deserve the award. I think T.I. needs a memory boost because he must’ve forgotten that verse Luda killed him with on Buck’s album. By the way, ‘What you know about that’ to ‘Big Things Poppin?’ That’s like a Blueprint to Blueprint 2 dropoff.

Onto Gary Sheffield…Last week, he caused a firestorm when he said that Latinos are easier to control than blacks. That’s why you see an increase in Latino baseball players and the staggering decrease in black ones. Sorry Sheff, I love your straight shooter approach but your wrong.

But he was right on one point. Latin American players usually come from 3rd world countries and get paid 5 to 10,000 dollars to sign with a major league team. Its all economics folks. Why would MLB ballclubs want to spend close to 2 or 3 mil on a prospect that may not pan out, when they can get a prospect for cheap overseas and it not matter whether they succeed or not. Folks, the majors are only 8 percent black. By 2015, that number will be below 3 percent. Guaranteed.

Till next time.

Claudio Eduardo Cabrera

Award-Winning Writer


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