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Written by Rahiem Shabazz  

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Depending on who you ask, the name Ezekiel can take on an entirely different meaning. Notable theologians will use the meaning cited in the biblical canon and thumb through the bible where it states, Ezekiel was called by God to get the people’s attention and his name means “God will strengthen.” Across a 110th Street in Harlem “The Book of Ezekiel” is the debut album set to impact worldwide by Harlem native Freekey Zeekey.


Already impacting urban radio and the mixtape circuit with his hot new single “Haters What You Looking At”, Diplomat President Zeekey sat down with RASHA to discuss  current projects being released by Dipset, how he scored a multi-million dollar deal with Asylum Records and why the world is infatuated with Harlem’s swagger.

RASHA: As President of Diplomat Records, what does your job entails? 

FZ: My job runs from the night until the day, I get in the house at 6:00 A.M and sleep until 9:30 A.M. It is at this time, I start getting phone calls from all around the country. Due to the difference in time zones, I get calls coming in from Japan and Hawaii at all times of the day.


Then my assistant and myself start planning all the marketing meetings, production meetings as well as interviews that are scheduled not only for my album but, for Julez, Jim, Camron and the whole Dipset.  So I’m on the phone talking to other CEO’s, and President’s at Def Jams, Warner Brothers, Koch so forth and so on.


Then when I finally get up out the bed, take a shower and finally make it to the office I got to deal with people who drank too much the night before and do not want to do anything besides drinking water. Then there is the female who found her boyfriend at the party kicking it with another girl, so she is in there tapping her pen. Being that it’s Friday, everyone is in the office waiting on their checks.

 When I get to the office I walk in to all this.  I’m kicking doors in, turning over tables waking people up to show them my passion and how I will die for this right here. RASHA: Who are some of the producers on the album and what rappers outside of the Dipset Family make an appearance? 

FZ: I kept this album real underground as far as the producers are concern. I remember when Mannie Fresh, Timbaland, Swizz Beats and Dr. Dre first started; they gave their best music because their mindset was all or nothing. Not to discredit any of them dudes but the producers I picked are the future Dr. Dres’ and future Timbaland. When you hear this album you will swear one of the major producers contributed. I kept it real underground because they were so hungry and their passion was so strong, I couldn’t refuse.


I actually did my album with just me on it. When I got out of jail from doing three years, I still had that hunger of 1998 from Horse & Carriage and What Mean The World To You. I had to take myself off of like 16 tracks and put all the Dipset individuals on there. Outside of the family, I got my man Lil Wayne.


As far as the names of the producers you are going to have to wait until July 24th when The Book of Ezekiel will touch the world, touch your soul, touch your heart and maybe even touch [your girl’s] butt that you fuck with.


RASHA: The Book of Ezekiel is your debut album; should the fans expect to see more albums or will you remain behind the scene and stick to your corporate duties as the President of Diplomat Records?


FZ: My corporate duties will never ever end. Just like my dude Jim, we know that a hustler can change his hustle up and manage to make a dollar out of fifteen cent on anything he do. I chose to be an individual artist not just for the cake but also for my expression in life. I always was one who like to express himself. With my album, it’s not something you can just get high to, to figure out new slang words, or to just jump up and boogie. It is also a blueprint to teach the kids who are not going to listen to their parents and are going to be in the streets. I want them to listen to my mistakes and fuck-up and say, well “Zeek said he did this and he got locked up or he did this and got shot, I damn sure am not going to do that.”


RASHA: As a native of Harlem, I know we bring a certain swagger to the game. In your opinion what make the whole world gravitate towards us to make the entire nation enthrall with Harlem’s swagger?


FZ: It like you said, our swag. Dudes from Harlem got that leadership aura, it’s our walk our talk and our choice within life that we make. Plus, we are in the center of where everything pops off, its where its at if you want to bubble, its where its at if you want to get fresh and get your jewelry. Manhattan in a whole is just swag. It’s really unexplainable because we both live there. But, for someone out of state they may be able to describe us because it something they never seen. We are trendsetters. We do not look to see what is going on, we dictate what is going on.


RASHA: What are some of the other future projects scheduled for Diplomat Records?


FS: 40 Cal (Broken Safety Pt 2), J.R. Writer (Writer’s Block), Hell Rell, Killa Cam, Juelz and Jim Jones all got projects lined up. It’s about to real pop for Dipset. That is why I love us, we work so hard; it is hard to deny us. We keep kicking the door off the hinges and by the time they put another one up, we are kicking at it. We work so hard, which is the reason we have longevity in this game. We’ve been rocking since the end of 1997 going toward the end of 2007. We are still going strong like we are new artists, without a deal.

  RASHA: What type of deal do you have with Asylum Records? 

FS: They gave me a two album, multi-million dollar deal with no songs done for the album. That is just another part of our Harlem hustle. Big shout out to Todd Moscowitz and Joie “Joey I.E.” Manda because at the end of the day they did see I had a lot of swag and charismatic ways. And every time I step on the scene there is an aura about me that just gravitates people to my attention. But, don’t think they are stupid, they know they are about to get their pockets full.


For more info on Rahiem Shabazz log on to www.rashaentertainment.com


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