Back In The Day

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In honor of “True Dat Thursdays” (my own creative day) and the idea of my sister & best buddy Sha’Ri 🙂 – I submit to you one of my poems “Back In The Day – (c) 2007” for your reading pleasure.

MESSAGE IN POEM:  This poem is for all of us mid 60’s & 70’s babies –  just a rhyme to remind us how much fun we had back in the day.

Feel free to spread the word – Until next time…

Much Love, Yo

Back In The Day

Do you remember when we were young

Outside playing

Having a ball

No cell phones and no pagers

Mom said be in front of the house

Before the street lights were on

You made sure you were

Otherwise she would wear out your buns

Mom and dad raised you

But the neighbors did too

There was no talking back

Trying to show off in front of your Crew

Curfew was implemented

Education taking seriously

Teachers made phone calls to your home

It scared you immensely

You had to ask if you could go out

And you made sure you stayed where you were told

There were no sudden movements

You just were not that bold

Televisions were black and white

Some of us had color

There were no remote controls

You used your little sisters or brothers

The words “thank you” were words you spoke

There was a level of respect

If you didn’t give it

Moms and dad were capable of “ringing your neck”

When the fight jumped off

The crowd gathered around

No gunshots ringing out

Just folks rolling around on the ground

The school parties were a big event

Got your party clothes out the week before

Talked about it Monday – Friday

And when Friday came you got geeked up even more

No Computers

Or reality TV

But there were after school specials

That you couldn’t wait to see

Best time to get what you wanted

Was when mom was on the phone

She told you yes

So you would just leave her alone

But if you tried to be slick

It definitely caught up

Because after she was off the phone and realized

You got put on punishment or had a very sore butt

When you had birthday parties

It was a neighborhood invite

And one of the best gifts you got

Was that banana seat bike

We used ice-cream sticks

To put in our bicycle wheels

Made it sound like a motorcycle

Those were our thrills

Skates use to have metal wheels

You strapped up to your shoes

There was not much fancy footwork

More like very simple moves

When it was hot

You made kool aid and put it in the freezer

With the plastic Popsicle maker

Mixing cherry, strawberry, grape – all the flavors

Candy was really a penny

Phone calls were really a dime

Cigarettes were really 80 cents

And the words “no cobbs” was used all the time

Phil Collins “Air Tonight”

Colonel Abrams “I’m Trapped”

Michael Jackson “PYT”

Were some of the songs we talked about

Yeah I remember those times

Wasn’t that long ago

Now things are a totally different way

But it was good times, back in the day

Written By – Yolanda Jackson

Copyright © 2007 – Poetic Reality, All Rights Reserved


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