Omilio Sparks: Still State Property

June 12, 2007 at 11:23 pm | Posted in Interviews | Leave a comment
Written by Mikey Fresh  


Ride with me, we’re taking a trip down south. Not quite the dirty-dirty, but all the way down I-95- exit 4, Philly. At first glance the city is beautiful, Philadelphia’s sports teams have some of the finest stadiums in the country, the Liberty Bell still resides in the city of brotherly love, and downtown has plenty of stores and eateries that rival Fulton Street in Brooklyn. Look closer, see those back blocks – damn looks like an army of white-tee soldiers, just as four “old-heads” creep up with beards that can go toe to toe with Osama’s. Sure these guys are barely 22, but in Philly, it’s the “young bulls” that will murder you with no hesitation. (13-15 year olds), “The shootings and crime is from people that don’t have the proper guidance. Anybody that understands how business works knows you gotta stay out of jail to make money. You can’t do anything if you’re locked up on some dumb shit. I always try to go through the hood and give some game to the young’ns.” – says Omillio Sparks. Philadelphia currently has the one of the highest homicide rates in the country. Trying to dodge stray bullets is just as common as it is for rappers and innocent children alike. Omillio is not new to witnessing a killing.



After another death for Omillio to face when of one of the most promising dynasties of the decade was murdered, this State Property Solider must continue on what emcees like Schooly D and Cool C started; do your homework.“I ain’t mad at no one, I’m free the handcuffs are off me.” – says Omillio Sparks on his status with Roc-a-fella. He battled for them and then literally battled them, earlier this year, Sparks had a mixtape banger, “It Ain’t My Fault”, that was getting spins all across the country, but due to President Carter refusing to clear a sample of his voice, he was stuck and many major labels backed off, “We got a joint venture now with Colossal Ent., my partners. I learned a lot from being on Roc, but now I gotta bust my own moves, I feel like it’s more safe this way. I’m still cool with em’, but I grew as a businessman. Now, I got the people I want around me to focus on my solo project and just grab my career my the balls.” – explains Sparks. He also now has major distribution with Koch and the driver’s seat is his, “I’m happy because this is my first project, I get to do me. I’m venting but also having fun, I got more input with my company. I’m hands on with every aspect.” – Sparks. Omillio’s debut is scheduled to be released August 14th and is titled Payback, State Property fans shouldn’t worry. Everything seems to running smoothly once again with Philly’s version of the Wu-Tang Clan, “I was just at the studio with Beans, it’s cool. We doing tracks together, making music, everyone, the Gunnaz, Peedi, the whole fam- says Omillio.


There’s no sugar coating for Sparks, get it how you live, “With State Property there are 7 of us, all from Philly and we have a diverse fanbase. It’s time to make moves, ain’t nobody getting any younger-I’m dead serious with this”, says Omillio. Time is money, with two successful film credits under his belt, another major theater release is right around the corner, “Me and Freeway got a new movie about to premier in July called, What We Do. It’s loosely based on his life and I’m reading another script that Tray from the Wire sent me.” – Sparks Hollywood may have once seemed like a fantasy for Omillio but his hustle and star quality will make sure he has “ more estate then Philly”, “I feel like I’m getting feet my wet again. I’m really starting from ground one again. I’m back in the public eye. I’m trying to get my money right, so my kids and family are good for life.” – Omillio Sparks


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