J-One: Neva In Yo Wildest Dreams

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-by Charles “CZA” Sweet II

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Q. For the people who aren’t familiar with you and your music, describe both.

A. I’m a simple person; I grew up in the most impoverished neighborhoods. My surroundings were negative. That’s where I get the inspiration for my music. That’s my heart. I use my music as an inspiration to people that there is a brighter light and to tell them that there is always a better day. I write about the negative aspects of life, but I do so as a tool for people to understand the tragedies of life and to get past it.

Q. How did you get into music and who were your influences?

A. I got into the scene when I was 11. I used to freestyle to the old school gangster beats. My cousin told me to continue with it because he saw my potential. Tupac was very influential to me because almost everything he said was real—so real that it made me understands and appreciate the way life is and how words can impact someone for the better or for the worse.

Q. Tell us about who you are trying to reach with your music and why? Do you cater to a certain demographic or market? With you being a Latin rapper, do you feel that the game is limited to you?

A. I’m trying to reach everyone, the old and the young alike. The music now isn’t teaching them anything about the world. If I can teach them to realize where they came from and not to over exaggerate their surroundings. After ‘Pac died, it was all down hill from there. Music changed from there. I’m trying to bring back the real—the real feeling of hip-hop. Nas tried to keep it at a certain aspect, but the South came in and changed the game the most. My music is just me being me, but I won’t change myself or what I do and if I can make a couple million on an album I won’t hate that. I just want to present the best quality music I can to help anyone in a tough situation. There are a lot of Latin rappers, like Big Pun, so it’s not limited to me, but it is a lot harder for Latin rappers to shine. The history of course started with black rappers but there were pioneers like DJ Laz’s and A Lighter Shade of Brown but (exasperated sigh) as a whole it’s difficult for Latin rappers to make as large an impact as our black counterparts.

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Q. Tell us about your current projects.

A. Originally my first project was called Move In Silence, which is still in the works. While we wait for that, I decided to drop a mixtape called Neva In Yo Wildest Dreams to introduce myself to the public. It is currently being made available both locally and nationally, and has been getting great reviews. Besides that, it’s HOT. Now we are currently working on an underground project titled Out of Nowhere to be an extended part of the introduction. In the meantime we still hope to drop Move In Silence but we will keep working on other projects as well.

Q. Who is featured on Neva In Yo Wildest Dreams?

A. I was blessed to have such great artists like Oni Thug, Ms. Pac, E.N.S., Joe Millatone. There was also a guest musician who dropped some guitar riffs for me on a track by the name of David Camacho.

Q. What about production-wise?

A. It was a mixtape, so of course it’s going to be commercial tracks, but there was one original, exclusive track by Kilo Artefacto. It holds special meaning to me because it was dedicated to my brother who is no longer with us. It’s called “Gone”.

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Q. Any last words for your fans?

A. Thanks for your support. I expect the next album to be even better than the mixtape so keep an eye out for the next joint and I will give you the best I got. Hit me up @ http://www.myspace.com/nevainyowildestdreams


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