The Interview: MC Shan Part 2

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 Derek Phifer

HHNLIVE: Do you think that having a hot beat has become more important that having tight rhymes?

MC Shan: Well that’s what it looks like. If people get into the beats first and then get into your lyrics then that’s what it is. If you got a hot gospel song and everybody likes that beat, then all of the sudden they going to be like praise the lord like they did with the Kanye West record. You can put whatever you want into people’s heads; to dumb people anyway, but not me, because I’m not falling for the bullshit. I don’t want people to perceive me as being a hater. Some people can’t take my attitude. That’s why I don’t have much to say about what people are doing, because I ain’t studying their business. I don’t study what they’re doing, because I’m too busy studying what I’m doing. So they do what they do. When my album drops it’s going to be perceived how it’s perceived, but I guarantee you the album that I got now, it’s not going to be nothing like that “you love to hear the story,” not to say there is anything wrong with that, but in the same instance, it’s 2007.

And to tell you the truth, that remix (Where are they now) I would have liked to hear a lot of them cats sounding like they were doing something new you dig what I’m saying? When I hear an old school cat talking about remember me, remember me, it pisses me off. My response is shut the fuck up with that shit and do some new shit. Fuck what you did nigga. What the fuck are you doing now? That’s what counts. Niggas always say “Shan you a legend.” Man, fuck that legend shit. It’s what I’m about to do that you need to watch, fuck that old shit.

HHNLIVE: Yea it’s about staying relevant. When people start talking about you’re a legend, that’s almost like saying you’re a “has been.”

MC Shan: Yeah exactly and I’m not trying to get caught in that spot. All of that was good for publicity, niggas talking and speaking my name. Yeah all that’s good, but I’m going to use that for what it is and come with this new stuff. Because with the BEEF being out, that DVD, there’s a lot of young cats on the street that be dropping like “ain’t you that dude?” and that wouldn’t have happened 5 or 10 years ago when there wasn’t DVDs. I would of just been who the fuck? Even then, with publications like yours that’s over the internet and these other things, if it wasn’t for ya’ll then I wouldn’t be. Right now it’s 2007 and I’m stilling getting the interviews and you giving me life, so I love ya’ll for that. Ya’ll can get whatever.

HHNLIVE: So do you have a lead single off of your album?

MC Shan: No I don’t believe in that. You know why? Because basically a lot of times you pick it and somebody picks something else. So I’d rather just put it out and let the people pick and decide what should be what. Let them pick, because I got all kinds of stuff. And my main theory is fuck your house, your cars, the cash, the broads, the ice in the ring, Source Awards all that. Fuck that. That ain’t what it is. I ain’t impressed.

HHNLIVE: That being said, most people are pretty much rapping about the same things. Do you think that there’s a lack of variety going on as far as people’s rhymes?

MC Shan: Yea there’s a lack of variety. I thought you were going to ask me if I did it. Nope I don’t do that. But there’s a lack of variety. Come on man, I’m a real dude man. I ain’t impressed by what a nigga got. Fuck your chains and all that shit. If this was back in the days then you wouldn’t be rockin’ it like that, because a real nigga would have stuck your black ass up already. But they don’t take the chance to stick niggas up now days because half of that shit is fake. I remember a day back in the days where you couldn’t wear your shit. Yea go ahead and have your shit dangling down to your nuts and have that shit swinging through Brooklyn if you want.

HHNLIVE: Yea I can remember hearing about that when I was growing up out here.

MC Shan: I’m telling you nowadays it’s so different. If a nigga asked you “what time is it?” you knew it was on. Back in the day if you heard “yo shorty you got the time?” you knew you was about to have some drama. Niggas were going to rob you or whatever, but something was about to happen. You don’t get that now. Niggas is too ready to blast. Knuckle up motherfucker.

HHNLIVE: One thing I noticed is how the whole Bloods and Crips thing spilled over into New York. Then you’ve got dudes like Jim Jones saying that they’re Blood and they’re from New York. To me that’s a West Coast thing. Not that I have anything against it, but I think that’s something that should stay out there. It’s like people are trying too hard to be down with everybody else.

MC Shan: Yo let me tell you when I figured out about that gang shit. Back early, early in the day red and blue was my sneaker color. Back early in the day them niggas was no joke with that gang shit out in LA. Now it’s a different breed like everything, but back then them niggas was crazy. Fuck that, you wore red and blue you were really getting popped. And I used to wear red and blue sneakers walking through Compton. Fuck it because they knew I was Shan. You know, niggas gave me a pass. But that shit was serious. Like I said, that’s that LA shit. But niggas do what they do. Niggas had gangs in New York all the time, Tomahawks and all that back in the day, but niggas did it different. But in LA, them niggas would squeeze off on you for walking up the block, go do 2 months in county and say fuck it.

HHNLIVE: So how is that whole thing down there in Atlanta? Do they have gangs down there?

MC Shan: Well I don’t know I haven’t seen the shit. They got wild crimes down here. They be kidnapping motherfuckas and all that shit you see on COPS. It’s different shit down here. Niggas will get their heads blasted off. It’s different, it’s just different. Niggas is wild, buck wild. It’s different kind of shit. But I haven’t seen it. Maybe I’ve been hanging in the wrong shit or something. Who knows? But it’s good. I see some thug ass niggas, I’m walking and they walking and they’ll be like what up. It’s just a bunch of motherfuckas. They’re thinking “where the bitches at, where the hoes at?” They be geeked up. How you going to be worried about another nigga and you geeked up? It’s a happy drug; you don’t be seeing no fights. It’s too hot for all that bullshit. I’m loving down here, it’s just a change. It’s a whole different level down here. My kids can go out and do what they do. My son, he done graduated. Up in New York he would’ve never graduated. Nigga got a car, all that shit. He’s making payments on his own car. Out in New York kids ain’t on that shit. It’s a different level. Out in New York you see motherfuckas talking about “Oh I ain’t working at McDonald’s,” but down here all these little motherfuckas are working somewhere. These little niggas got jobs down here and they got a different mentality. And I’m so glad that I brought them down here at this stage in their lives, because they ain’t going to be shit like me, please. They’ll think it’s lay around and sleep all day if they follow after me, but they can’t look at me and think that’s what it is, cause that ain’t what it is.

HHNLIVE: Who are some of the people that you worked with on your album?

MC Shan: Nobody that you’d even know. I got beats from cats that’s trying to come up. I ain’t trying to pay a nigga $80,000 because he had the last hot record. Fuck that, my joint might be the next one where you’re fucking luck run out. I’ll be done gave you $80,000 for nothing.

HHNLIVE: So do you have your own label that your album is coming out on or are you signed to somebody?

MC Shan: Nah I got a distribution deal through IMG Universal. I got my own little label deal called Pioneer Disc. I got a whole Mixtape with me rapping over other niggas beats that I can’t put out because I ain’t trying to pay them sample clearances. Niggas ain’t gonna beat me in the head with that shit. Fuck that. Back in the day niggas wasn’t thinking about taking your shit, but that’s what it is now. That’s new hip hop.

HHNLIVE: Is it just going to be distributed over the internet?

MC Shan: Nah it’s going to be distributed in stores. It’s not going to be an internet album; well I’m going to have it on the internet, because I own the rights to all of my music so I can do whatever I want with it. I got other places to advertise it that I know of like my peeps in England and all that.

HHNLIVE: How is the hip hop scene over there? Are you just as big over there as you are back here?

MC Shan: Bigger. I did a show over there. I just came from Amsterdam. Niggas love old school hip hop. Over there the hip hop culture just embraces you better than it does over here. Over here they don’t know you past your last record in some cases, unless you’re very interesting. Over there you ain’t got to do shit. You can just be you and be a big nigga. I could be doing mad shows. Only thing stopping me is that I’ve got custody of my kids, so I can’t be out for months doing shows, or these niggas would never go to school. These motherfuckas down here lock you up if your kids don’t go to school.

HHNLIVE: What else are you working on other than your album?

MC Shan: I got my own radio station where I broadcast whatever the fuck I want 24hours a day 7 days a week. Right now I ain’t running it, because I’m tired of programming shit, but I’m putting it back up later tonight. I usually play some old school for them old school heads. I play old rap attack shows with Mr. Magic from back in the day. Niggas used to wake up at 2 o’clock in the morning and put their tape players on.

HHNLIVE: Is it only broadcasted down there?

MC Shan: No, it’s broadcasted all over the world. It’s on the internet. If you were to sign onto my Myspace page you should see it. I got my Myspace page rigged that if you got QuickTime or Real Player you’re going to go right to my radio station. It’s also on in the hip hop section.

MC Shan: OH, OH I got a question that I’ve got to ask! What the fuck is up with these new cats with this throw your money away shit?

HHNLIVE: Oh, you’re talking about making rain?

MC Shan: Yea, what the fuck is that about? Please, somebody send me a fucking post. And then you call yourself a pimp. These bitches are the biggest pimps I know nowadays. Fuck that. Like I got my song “Bitch Know.” Know that I’m not this motherfucker with this motherfucking nigga with this make it rain shit bitch. I work too hard for my paper. I don’t give a fuck if it is free. Niggas got to explain that to me man.

HHNLIVE: I never got that either man. Fuck stuntin’ and putting on a performance making people think that you’ve got it to throw away.

MC Shan: Even if you’ve got it to throwaway, fuck out of here with that bullshit yo. Niggas done changed everything. Now bitches expect you. That’s why niggas can’t get any pussy unless spending some money, little faggots. The wife can get it all. I don’t give a fuck. My wife doesn’t understand. We’re about to get divorced, but I don’t treat her how I treat all these other bitches in the street. She just thinks I’m a bad motherfucker, but she just doesn’t understand.

HHNLIVE: One thing I’ve always wanted to know, and since you’re living down in the A, how are the strip clubs down there?

MC Shan: That’s where you get that make it rain bullshit yo. And niggas don’t understand that bitch going to take your money all night and then she going to come fuck me because I done slapped her on her ass and told her fuck you, I ain’t giving you shit. Now go make me some more money and smack her on her ass and send her back to them niggas. They going to spend their money all night and I’m going to wind up pounding that bitch out.

HHNLIVE: Have you ever been up in Magic City? That’s the joint that I’m always hearing about from people out of Atlanta.

MC Shan: Nah we be in Babes out in this motherfucka. We be in Babes and Marlene’s. We keep it local like a motherfucka. It jumps anyway. We go to Babes and Marlene’s because that’s the spots. Magic City, that’s that preppy shit. I’m a ghetto motherfucka. You catch me up in the gutter shit. Magic City, that’s where Jermaine and them niggas be making it rain. Well I can’t say him. I ain’t never seen him in there. Janet don’t get mad, I’ve never seen him in there. So don’t say I said it. That’s them Shop Boyz and them niggas. You hear them, party like a rock star?

HHNLIVE: Any shout outs you want to give before we wrap this up?

MC Shan: I just want to give shouts to all the people that supported me during these years. I want to thank you for giving me the shot for this interview because any kind of publicity is all good for me at this point in my life, you understand. So big shouts to you and everybody that reads the publication. And don’t forget to check out shanfromqb on Myspace and pioneer disc radio.


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