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R.E.U.B has enlisted the likes of Clinton Sparks (DJ/Producer/entrepreneur) for his July 2007 Hip-Hop album release of “The [Black] Rapper Show”, a parody of VH1 Ego Trip’s “The White Rapper Show”.  “After watching ‘The White Rapper Show’, I thought it was pretty entertaining.  My White rapper friends didn’t agree and felt as though the show was poking fun at White rappers. Then I thought, Black people are humiliated everyday by various characters in this daily Black Rapper Show.” says R.E.U.B.Sparks, who ironically made a cameo appearance on the VH1 show, helps the world get familiar with R.E.U.B through an exclusive interview on his worldwide syndicated show, SmashTime Radio. Sparks, known for his comical impromptu questions, discussed everything from R.E.U.B’s name to hypothetical celebrity love affairs. But he also took the time to seriously give R.E.U.B props by saying, “Music is hot!! I really like the cd”.

The [Black] Rapper Show opens up to the world like “Lamborghini Doors”, the album’s lead single which was recently chosen to appear in’s music section as one of the only independent artists in rotation. Scheduled for release July 2007, the album includes original production by “The Clinic”. R.E.U.B, along with fellow producers Olawale and Proverb, formed the production team as they worked diligently to combine their production styles while maintaining a cohesive sound.

Providing entertainment through vivid storytelling and occasional humor, R.E.U.B’s topics are raw and fresh yet socially conscious.  Drawing comparisons to artists such as Common, Little Brother and The Game, R.E.U.B. is positioning himself to take his so-called “underground sound” upstairs while knocking down mainstream doors. 

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