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From Dave Chapelle’s Block Party to the VH1 Hip Hop Honors, MTV’s The Shop and now his own album




 JUNE 19, 2007

Rhyming is an art form. Just like painting, dancing and hustling. If you don’t know the techniques of the genre you can easily be swept off your feet. Enter Hip Hop staple, Poison Pen, a battle MC turned street prophet. The Brooklynite started in 1996 at the first online radio station, before tearing through the streets as the undefeated champ of the NYC MC battle circuit. After participating in the Blaze Battle, Pen decided to retire in 1999 and later host the most popular lyricist competition to date, Da Cypha Emcee Battles featured throughout NYC including special showcases at Kevin Powell & Russell Simmons’

Hip Hop Speaks.

It was hunger, not chance, that brought Poison Pen to the forefront. Founder of indie rap clique Stronghold, members including Breez Evaflowin’ C Rayz Walz, Immortal Technique and DJ Static before the group released the acclaimed mixtape Stronghold Volume 1. The result was a classic collaboration. “As far as the recording, I don’t do Pro Tools rap. I don’t do that record & send it out to a nigga I don’t have him email me a verse back… Naw, I don’t make music like that.” -PP

Good music has always been his focus. His first appearance on wax “On the Mic” floated off the shelves in ’98 just two years before receiving his own distribution through Landspeed Records for his debut single “Top of the Food Chain”. But the microphone monster didn’t stop there. He lifted Rainmakerz Records with his second solo joint “Fall Back” before slaying the video game industry lyrically. Lending his voice to high selling vids; The Warriors and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Pen’s rhyme schemer duality would keep fans thirsting for his own album. “I been on everybody’s else’s shit – but never my own”, says Pen, with more fervor and honesty than agitation. “I did MF Doom’s “Bloody Chain”, the Beatminerz album, Apathy’s “Eastern Philosophy” album and both of Immortal Technique’s Revolutionary Volume 1 and 2. We helped the whole NYC come up…. Now NYC needs to return the favor”.

He makes it look easy. Making records, appearing in Dave Chapelle’s Block Party, VH1 Hip Hop Honors, MTV’s The Shop, and DFX, spitting countless bars on albums never his own until now.  Pen has a way of keeping his name on the tongues of Hip Hop heads without breaking a sweat. Poison Pen continues to tour Hungary, Amsterdam and Norway with the gutter linguistics that his fans love. Having completed his unofficial first solo album, titled “Pick Your Poison: The Mark of The East” available Fontana/Universal records, he unveils his Bed Stuy truth.  “This rhyming life is definitely an art form.”-PP


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