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Cierra Middlebrooks

  Image Hosted by At the young age of 20, R&B singer Mario has accomplished just as much, if not more than, some artists who have been in the music business half of their lives. After  the success of his last album, Turning Point, and having roles in two successful movies, Mario is ready to show the world his growth on his latest album, Go. Being released on July 31, Go features appearances from the likes of Juelz Santana, Akon, and Pharell. Check out what Mario has to say about his process of growing since Turning Point, how he manages to stay humble, and where he will be in five years. What have you been up to since your last album Turning Point? 

A lot of different things mostly touring, touring has been the key for since the last record and how big it was. Also, I jumped into the album soon after that and I really didn’t know where I wanted to go when I started so I wanted to try something and test the waters a little bit and that’s when I got into acting. I did the films Step Up and Freedom Writers.

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How does it feel to get ready to release your third album?  

I don’t think about it like that, I think about it like it’s meant to be, it’s not like I didn’t actually think it would happen because I definitely had faith that I would make it to the third album and be successful. But I didn’t think the album would be as good as it is, personally I feel like this is my best album. My generation will really appreciate it.

 What inspired the title “GO”? 

Well I have a song on the album called “Go” it’s a special joint because when me and Pharell did this record it was based off of an idea from Baltimore club music. I’m from Baltimore and we got this sound that’s starting to generate across the world. That song I felt had so much energy that it introduces you to the new me, a more social, a more aggressive and more confident singer and person in general. I felt like “Go” was an exciting title and when you hear it you’ll want to move.

 Who do you have on the album as far as collaborations and producers? 

I got Rich Boy, Juelz Santana, Akon, Timbaland, Polow Da Don, Stargate, and I worked with Knightriders. Writers I worked with, Sean Garret, Johnta Austin.

 Did you do a lot of writing and producing on this album yourself? 

I co-wrote on Kryptonite, How Do I Breathe, Ghetto Love, and Do Right.

 The single “How Do I Breathe” sounds like you’ve matured and grew a little more since Turning Point. Would you say that’s the case? 

I feel like I’ve grown a lot even when I listen to my recent records I feel like there’s a tremendous amount of growth lyrically, passion wise, and vocally. I think that’s what’s supposed to happen, if there’s no growth, what do you have to offer, if that’s the case they can go back and listen to your last album.

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How do you stay so grounded and humble in the midst of the girls, fame, etc.? 

I like to have fun and at the end of the day it’s all about the music man. The opportunities I’m getting, I’m traveling, making a good living, I ain’t got nothing to complain about, I know where I came from. When I go back home to Baltimore, I see things happening everyday to my young brothers out here in these streets and it’s no reason not to be a good reason. At the same time I do have a temper problem I can get a little heated but when I’m not, I’m a very cool person.

 Let’s talk about the love life a little. Is the single “How Do I Breath” a true story for you because I can’t imagine anyone leaving you? 

Well I can imagine that so well. Listen, I’ve been in and out of relationships and it’s always been hard being an artist and being in a relationship. I’ve always been a person who traveled a lot, seen a lot of women, met a lot of girls, and I like having female friends. Sometimes women can’t handle that or sometimes we just don’t relate to each other. In my case I guess it was just the face that we didn’t really understand each other.

 I heard that you plan on starting a non-profit organization for underprivileged kids. Would you mind talking about that a little? 

My mission is cater to kids who parents are suffering with substance abuse. Giving them an opportunity to be strong, to do things outside of the community. A lot of times kids think that what they see at home or in their neighborhoods is all it is. I grew up in a drug infected house, a lot of my aunts and uncles used drugs and I seen it all my life. I remember going over to some of my friends’ homes and some of them were seeing the same things and some of them weren’t so I want to show the kids that this doesn’t have to always be your life.

 Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 

I see myself on my fifth or sixth album and a couple of more films. By then my foundation will be in operation, I see myself touring again, maybe in another part of the world chilling. But through all of it I just want to be happy, as long as I’m happy I’ll be alright.


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  1. I’m big fan of Mario, i didnt realize he was that young, looks like a grown ass man to me, plus his music is so mature, looking fwd to the album & the new single is blazing. For any Mario fans out in the D.C area, he’ll be performing at the Yaris Dj battle at Club Love June 21st, the dj battle should be interesting too, winner get 2Gs plus a chance to go to tha finals in Chi-town. Plus Dj Kid Capri will be on the 1s & 2s. So that should an interesting night. For more info on the dj battle, check out I work with Yaris thats how i know.

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