Top 10 Reasons 50 Cent Got His “Curtis” Album Pushed Back

June 5, 2007 at 1:32 am | Posted in Found At Other Sites | Leave a comment

ThE mAdD wRiTeR

“Cuurrtiis”…that’s now one of the most famous calls in Hip-Hop history. It originated from Cam’Ron during a radio interview but 50 Cent took it and ran with it. So much so that he decided to name his new album “Curtis”. 5-0’s lil’ “Curtis” project was supposed to drop on June 26th. Unfortunately, all those 14 year old white girls that followed 50 to the “Candy Shop” decided they would rather hang out at the mall with Fall Out Boy than go to the “Amusement Park”. Interscope proceeded to push 50’s shit waaaaay back to September 4th. And while Styles P. smokes a blunt and laughs in his cardboard box, the Madd one has compiled the 10 reasons why 50’s album got pushed back.


10. 50 needs to finish recording the bonus track “Ferris Wheel Gumdrops”
9. He’s waiting for The Game to hop on his remake of U2’s “Pride (In The Name of Love)” featuring Nas, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Cam’Ron and Ja Rule
8. He’s desperately trying to record with American Idol alum Elliot Yamin so he can make it a white boy trifecta (Justin Timberlake, Elliot Yamin and Robin Thicke)
7. Tony Yayo got in trouble at the playground again
6. M.O.P. have been enlisted to play the “Snoop Dogg” role to 50 Cent’s “Dr. Dre”
5. 50 wants to hold a photo shoot at Cam’Ron’s wading pool
4. He’s changing the name of the album from “Curtis” to “Cuurrtiis”
3. He’s very concerned about the people in Zimbabwe getting the album the same day as people in Atlanta (hey, as stupid as it sounds, this was the real reason)
2. Due to staff cutbacks, 50 needs to put in one day a week at the Vitamin Water factory until September
1. Olivia is droppin’ a triple album the same day


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