Cardan: Harlem On The Rise

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Harlem’s always making it and Brooklyn’s always taking it, you’ve heard the saying but for those who’ve never been across 110th  Street may not quite fully grasp the swag of those from Uptown. Historically, Harlem has always been a threshold of the arts, rich in musical talents and of course producing some of Hip-Hop’s most Flamboyant emcees. RIP Big L. With the beef rumors between the Dipset Capos thicker then ever, and Mims making Washington Heights look suspect, the need for a familiar name to take Harlem on his back has landed right in Cardan’s lap. He might not have the familiar face to match his clout but Cardan has played the cut for a long time coming, penning multi-platinum hits for artists like Bow Wow, Nelly, and Puffy, “I’ve been working, staying busy. I really been doing a lot of ghostwriting for a few people for like the last 5-6 years. Still recording songs working on the mixtape. “ ~ Cardan. 

Over 8 years ago as just a shorty, Cardy was spitting on some of  DJ Clue’s most coveted mixtapes holding his own with Mase, Cam’ron, Noreaga and Tragedy Khadfi.While still searching for a deal the streets were left wondering “ Can we get a mixtape already?”, “I know, its crazy. I don’t even know why. But I was tripping, I was sadly mistaken I should have been flooded the street and dropping a mixtape every month .” ~ Cardan. Now with his own label and team to support him, Academy Records recently dropped Cardan’s 1st mixtape, “They love it, man. I love it which is most important, people come up to me in the street and on myspace saying it’s hot. It’s my first mixtape that I ever did.”~ Cardan. There’s no looking back now with money on the table and the whole world listening the final product will be judged by the masses, “Fans are loyal but their only going to be as loyal as you’re going to be to them, emphasized Cardan. There are two things that seem lost in today’s Hip-Hop community, honor and loyalty. Even the crews who’ve proceeded the Bad Boy/Death Row era have only stuck together for 2 or 3 years , it’s the ones who’ve paid attention and took what they learned that are ready go for self, “I see myself as very experienced and I see myself with a lot of knowledge of the game.I don’t think I’m missing any element as a rap artist. I got the bounce, the flow, melody, lyrics, and the charisma, but the music business has changed a lot. It evolved for the better, the stakes are higher people today that come out make more money. It’s business; 95% business – 5% talent. It’s who you, how you know them; a lot of politics.” ~ Cardan breaking it down. 

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You can’t argue with this young man’s brash but honest demeanor. Almost every week we hear of two more major labels merging, but at the same time the emergence of several thousand start up-independent hip-hop labels has given the upper hand to the underdog , “Me and my homeboy “Baby J”, Jason; we’re partners in the company; Academy Music and everything is going really good right now. I don’t think I can just sign to a major and give up all the rights to my music. I feel like I’ve paid my dues for that, so I don’t want just the regular new artist deal. ~Cardan. With the right distribution deal, who needs them? Cardan has the power and talent get it in with the current generation of Hip-Hop stars, “I’m working with Cool & Dre. Rick Ross just did a feature for my album. I’m actually also about to do a song with Fat Joe and Juelz Santana, that’s gonna turn out crazy.” ~ Cardan.  

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Before Cardan had to get back into the studio and finish enjoying South Beach’s summer festivities, (Cardan recording in Miami during the interview) I had to see if he knew what was up with Mase and how he felt about Harlem’s current place in the rap game. When I asked if he could put any truth into the Mase and the Transvestite rumors, he gave his honest thoughts, “Ma$e. I don’t know man… I don’t know what to believe. Hopefully, hopefully it’s not true. I hope nothing like that happened…. But me and Ma$e are cool I speak to him every now and again. “ ~Cardan. Also having a very positive view on Harlem’s rising place in the limelight, “I’m not an ungrateful guy, so I can’t just sit here and say “No,No,No, Harlem’s not being represented right. I’m happy Jim Jones had the number 1 record “We Fly High” and he represents Harlem. I’m a be honest and correct, I’m happy Harlem is being represented to the masses. Whether it’s good or bad; I’m glad that Harlem is being represented. Now would I be representing Harlem that’s way it is… that’s a different story. ~ Cardan.

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