Society v. Reality

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MESSAGE IN POEM:  Society v. Reality pulling you in two different directions, are you right? are you wrong? do you need to make any corrections?  It can be tough out here trying to figure things out, what will this person think? what will that person think?  what will I think? … Make a choice, make a decision, stick with it, make it your vision.  Society v. Reality, in the end your decision, your choice, your voice.  “Stand up for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

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Society v. Reality

Society says, “This is how it must be”Reality says, “Yeah we’ll see” Society says, “You must do it this way”Reality says, “You will do what I say” 

Society says, “You have no other choice”Reality says, “You do have a voice” Society says, “How dare you say that!”Reality says, “There’s no need to step back” 

Society says, “Oh no, that is wrong”Reality says, “Do what you do, on your own” Society says, “You are making a mistake”Reality says, “Keep it real, don’t be a fake” 

Society says, “Two wrongs don’t make a right”Reality says, “Kick ass, it’s going to be a fight” Society says, “Let the proper authorities take care of it”Reality says, “Its do or die, SHIT” 

Society says, “All in do time”Reality says, “I have to take what’s mine”  Society says, “It’ll take its course, just let it go”Reality says, “Oh, HELL NO!” Society v Reality it’s a tug-of-warStuck between two places not wanting to handle any morePick your battles along with your fightsDay by day and Night by nightWhich is correct?  What do I do?It’s just too much, which do I choose?Society says NO, but Reality says YESIs this a game?  Is this a test?I have to choose, but which should it beSociety or Reality, Hell I give up, I just choose meWhichever decision I make, whether it be either / orFact of the matter is I just can’t take it anymoreToo many decisions, too many thoughtsThe choice is mine and I have to live with my faultsSince the choice is only between these two,It’s about me and yours is about you.Society v Reality, the confusion it can bringJust keep your focus, keep your faith, it’ll get you through anything.

Written By – Yolanda Jackson

Copyright © 2007 – Poems That Flow For Your Mind and Your Soul (including a collaboration of Poetic Flow Collection I and Collection II)

Copyright © 2006, Poetic Flow… (Collection II), All Rights Reserved


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