Bravez aka Team Hyphy: All Systems Go!

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-by charles “CZA” Sweet II

            Hyphy is without a doubt, one of the most influential sounds coming from the west coast currently. Artists like Mistah F.A.B, Keak Da Sneak and E-40 have helped it reach mainstream success but there is a new breed of artists that look to take it to new heights and new places such as Bravez Team Hyphy. They aim to reinvent the wheel and make it roll better. They took a few moments from their hectic touring schedule to chop it up. Put on your helmets because it’s All Systems Go!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usQ. How big is hyphy to the west coast?

A. It’s a buzz going around, you know? Word is getting out about it. It’s been around for a minute but people are really just now starting accept it and understand it for what it is. Hyphy is the brother to crunk music with really deep bass, catchy chants and hooks. It is totally driven by that hyper feeling.

Q. No doubt. Do you think that by coming out as “hyphy” artists, people are going to try to put you in a category, a box?

A. Yes and no. Yes because when they first hear us or hear about us, it’s probably going to be on a hyphy track, so they’re obviously going to try to put that specific label on us. We love the genre and we’re proud of it but we don’t just do one particular style throughout everything that you hear from us. The key word is “artist”. The entire album isn’t hyphy. There are several tracks on there that would appeal to a traditional hip hop fan.

Q. I’ve heard comparisons between you and another Bay area hyphy group, Da Pack. How do you feel about that and what do you think differentiates your sound from theirs?

A. First off, we love their work. These dudes go hard for real. Perhaps the comparisons come from the fact that we both are known for that hyphy style, we’re both a group of guys reppin’ the Bay Area strong and that we’re both hot right now. That’s where the similarities stop but we got nothing but love for them.

Q. Tell us about your album, All Systems Go. What can we expect on there?

A. Basically it’s us doing what we do best—making good quality music for the fans to go dummy to. What makes it unique is our ability to walk the line between hyphy and hip hop without any problems. You might get somebody who does hyphy well but put them on a regular track and they sound out of place. We came into this with the mindset that we weren’t going to alienate anyone who wanted to hear us in whatever fashion—we did that because we could do that, and our fans appreciate that about us.

Q. I’m sure you’ve heard about all the troubles that Mistah F.A.B. has been going through with trying to essentially make a “ghostriding 101” video. People have been very vocal about that, not wanting to see it happen. How do you feel about that?

A. Really man, like with every new thing, people are going to hate and criticize. It is human nature for people to reject what they don’t understand, and the majority of the people who have something to say about it probably don’t understand the movement. The only thing that they see and that they want to see is the negative. Honestly, they should be sending praise because he is stepping up, trying to take a responsible role in the community. Whether or not he comes out with that video, heads are still going to do it. They are a part of the culture so they are going to do it. He just wanted to show them how to do it the right way so that nobody got hurt. Much love to dude.

Q. What’s your plan for the future?

A. We’re on tour right now, going through as much of the market as we can to promote the album. We gotta show love to all the people who have come out to our shows because it has been ridiculous! We’re going to keep on moving, so come out when we come to your city and get with us, y’all.

Q. Any closing comments?

A. We appreciate everyone for the love and check us out at and at a venue near you!


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