Dame Grease “Free Grease Beat” Contest Winner Mystik Releases Unexpected

June 3, 2007 at 6:36 pm | Posted in Hip Hop News/Press Releases | Leave a comment

Mystik the winner of Dame Grease’s Free Grease Beat contest on MySpace just released her new CD Unexpected. It features the track ‘A Boss’ that used the beat from the contest. Dame Grease had to choose from 10,000 submissions, but he said, “It was something about her voice, her delivery, that led me to choosing her.” Now Mystik is scheduled to work with Dame Grease in the studios on his mixtape.From working with superstar producers (Dame Grease, Hellz Yeah (DJ Premier)), to performing on one of the biggest college tours (OutWork Me Tour — 30 colleges, 3 states) and performing in Hollywood for a new reality show, Mystik is Hip Hop’s next ICON.

Mystik, also known as that “CHICK Who Brought MTV to DOWNINGTOWN” was featured on the original pilot for Ego Trip’s White Rapper Show [VH1 in early September 2005. A great contributor to the shows’ success and an extremely entertaining personality described by VH1 staff. She has also traveled the nation on tour with such names as Crime Mob, T.I., Missy Elliot, Slim Thug and others. She’s performed on pilots for NBC and other networks.

Mystik’s mixtape “Unknown Celebrity” released February of 2006 had drops from everybody from MC Lyte, DJ Doc B (Power 99), & DJ FLOW (Power 99), Mossburg of the INC to Dave Park of Sony Music.

She also released a CD “Married 2 Da Game” as a member of the power group Bonnie N Clyde. They were brought together by a Def Jam South executive. “We both submitted solo demos, but we had one solo song together and they hit us back like yo we love ya’ll chemistry,” reflects Mystik. The song “Just Like That” had Young Jeezy on the track.

Mystik has been interviewed on many online blogs and magazines. Her music has made it on many mixtapes put out by some of music’s hottest DJ’s such as DJ WRECK, DJ Reflection and DJ Dre Money$. Her music has also been featured on many websites across the world including the UK and Australia.

Armed with the audacity of a gangster, the flow of a veteran, and the style to make even the most skeptical take a second look, she is definitely turning heads for all the right reasons. Raised in the streets of Coatesville, PA, a city of the greater Philadelphia area, she was of course no stranger to the crime wave. As an early teen she refused to run the scene with the local kids, and looked to music as an outlet in her troubling life. Mystik discovered hip-hop for the first time at the age 16 then, she couldn’t comprehend the power it had over her. Armed with a tape deck and a small microphone, she started perfecting her craft over the radio and tapes her friends would bring over. Four years later, Mystik is now a respected member of the female mc community and the rap game in general. Blazing mix tapes, rocking shows and representing for all females, large and small.

Check her out on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/mystikmusic.


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