A Deeper Love Review

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe cast of the Independent film, A Deeper Love, introduced a true masterpiece to the world with a theatre packed tightly full of eager fans, anxious colleagues, and close family and friends at the movie’ s premier on May 2, 2007.  The crowd was left in utter amazement as the films daring message glared across the screen about a relationship rocked to the core with the question of whether a modern love can sustain its vigor when challenged with the idea of an ancient concept, the love an individual may come to possess for God and righteous spiritual living.  As Chyna Layne (Gina) in the film can attest the question at hand was not whether her love for Rayan Lawrence (Kevin) was true, but instead was that relationship strong enough to sustain the force of being coupled with a deeper love for God. 

A Deeper Love–written, directed, and produced by Darrell Smith, effectively tells the profound journey of a soul struggling with doubts of love while on a spiritually reflective journey.  Young couples around the world can surely relate to the universal questions that the film asks.  Entirely filmed in
New York’s cultural Mecca of Brooklyn, A Deeper Love was shot every weekend roughly over a period of three months that began in mid-August.  “My inspiration was my experience, the film is character driven so that meant the cast had to be very strong and we got it right with this cast!” said Darrell Smith to the bright eyed audience during the question and answer session that took place at the conclusion of the world premier.  “I’m hoping that people will just take a look at it.  Not only as a great film, but for the message that I believe in and stand behind…you know somebody finding their own spiritual way and how it reverberates to their community and all of their relationships and in that way changes everybody else, sometimes for the better and sometimes not,” said Gwynne Flanagan who plays Chyna Layne’s best friend Toni in the film.  Also starring in the film are Christopher L McAllister as Greg and Nazanin Nour as Sybel. 

Preparation for the role came easily to Rayan Lawrence who said that upon reading the script he easily knew that this role could be driven by his own life and relationship experiences.  “I tried to find something comparable to Kevin because with his situation he doesn’t want to get married because of a previous failed marriage.  I didn’t want to get into another relationship because of my previous relationships.  I saw a similarity to get me focused for the character, pretty easy—pretty much going back to a time when I approached things and taking back that to bring to Kevin’s character.” 

Chyna Layne on the other hand–as she chuckled, hugged, and graciously thanked every fan that approached her—said, when asked how she prepared for and brought herself to the role, that she studied her bible a lot to prepare for this stunning performance.  “I just let my personality go.  I didn’t care, I believed and trusted in the moment and just went with it.  It’s funny, I was in a very similar situation…when I was searching for something to believe in, I was lost and actually went to my own church.  I sat there and it seemed like that was the day that everything hit me and I was crying, it was so embarrassing how hard I was crying, so I reflected on that.  I would just sit in a room and just think—think of all the times I had my heart broken, but I’m not bitter. I hope that this film will change lives and positively affect people and inspire them to just believe and trust in their hearts. 

Max Achille


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