I’m Conflicted About Mike Jones….

May 25, 2007 at 2:25 pm | Posted in Editorials/Opinions | Leave a comment

Ok I’m conflicted.. I’m peeping 106 and Park today and Houston rapper Mike Jones flowed through… The interview starts off with him showing off these huge medallion sized pieces of jewelry. One piece he says cost half a million dollars and the other piece costs 300 thousand dollars…He showed them off and the young audience cheered enthusiastically

On the other hand dude has been doing a lot of work helping out displaced families from New Orleans who live in Houston. I think he’s looked out for like 60 families. He’s also been sinking a bunch of money in reconstruction efforts in New Orleans. I recall talking with Paul Wall last year and he mentioned how a lot of the Houston rappers were all doing stuff to help out. Sadly much of their efforts aren’t publicized.

I mean anytime cats who are in position step forth they definitely should be praised and Mike is definitely doing his part so I give him full props.. but damn why dude gotta wear a million dollars worth of jewelry and show them off when so many people around the world are deprived of life’s basic neccesities? I wonder if him flossing so hard is essential to him maintaining his fan base?

Dude does have an email askmikejones@gmail.. so I guess I’ll shoot him an email and ask him. Perhaps he might consider flipping the script and opt to wear something else like a leather medallion and say he wanted to make a stronger stand by donating his expensive jewelry to to those who don’t even have running water. The constant flossing we do does have adverse effects all over the world..

something to ponder

Davey D


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