The Robertson Treatment: Volume 10, Edition 8: Hollywood Renaissance Man, Harold Perrineau

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Written by Gil Robertson     

harold perrineau.jpgWith a growing list of roles across various mediums, actor Harold Perrineau has established an impressive pedigree as an artist. Best known for his role on the ABC drama “Lost,” Perrineau first gained notoriety as the wheel-chair bound inmate on the HBO series “OZ”.  A graduate of the Alvin Ailey Dance Center, the New York native eventually made his way back to acting, which is a really good thing for his many fans.  Currently saving the world against zombies in the new film “28 Weeks Later,” Perrineau recently shared with the Robertson Treatment the secret that has made him one of the most compelling talents of his generation.
Robertson Treatment: Tell us a little bit more about your character in the film?

Harold Perrineau: The character that I am playing is Flynn. He’s an American helicopter pilot who’s apart of the American army who has come in to help repopulate London.  While there they also have to hold off other people who have been infected with the disease in order to start the process to rebuild that society.

RT: There is a lot of high energy action packed scenes – how has that been?


HP: There’s a lot of high energy and action packed into my scenes. I do some amazing stunts on the helicopter that were really exciting. My character most overcome a lot of violence situation which me sort of a real understanding of what people who are in an actual war might go through. My scenes move real fast, and give audiences an idea of the urgency involved when you experience a real sense of terror. 



RT: What did you do to prepare for your part?


HP:  I came to London to prepare for my part and took flying lessons.  Flying in a helicopter is really thrilling and is something that I have been a fan of all my life from a distance. To train and fly over England was really astonishing, because it gave me the chance to see the beautiful of that country. I flew over a lot of places like the white cliffs of Dover, (which you will see in the film), which felt like a religious experience. Flying overhead, I could see some of the farms and people waving to us as we were filming, which was very interesting.


RT: You really did your thing in that helicopter, what was that like?


HP: I was really excited, especially about flying a helicopter. It was not my first time in a helicopter but it was my first time flying one, so I was really thrilled at the opportunity and excited about the whole experience, which was really good.


RT: How is “28 Weeks Later” from the first film?


HP: Well I have seen the first film and although this film has the same monsters, the response this time is a little different.  In the first film nobody knew what was going on, so they were just responding to the things that were taking place. It’s like what happens when you have a goal and a wrench is thrown in.  In this film we are trying to achieve such a goal. There is an objective that needs to be filled and what happens when things don’t go as plan is where the excitement kicks off. “28 Weeks Later feels very similar to world events right now, so adding a horror sensibility to the political and social issues is very interesting.



RT: Who do you think this film will appeal to?


HP: Hopefully it will appeal to a lot of the people who liked the first film, and audiences that enjoyed horror films.  I think that audiences will support this film because we have the same elements that made the first movie a success, plus much more. Hopefully that will be a little broader audience.  










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Grade: B 



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