3121: A New Fragrance Inspired by PRINCE

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Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics, Inc. announced it has entered into an agreement to develop and market 3121, a premium fragrance collection for megastar musician Prince. The fragrance was created in full concert with the artist, resulting in an enticing scent that captures the essence of his eclectic style and music genius.


3121 is a white floral scent that opens with a refreshing sparkle of crisp bergamot, opulent jasmine and gardenia. Orange flower and muguet sensually intertwine with tuberose and ylang ylang, creating a subtle, mysterious blend; evolving into notes of patchouli and creamy sandalwood. Precious cedarwood and luxurious musks complement this sexy scent with an almost surreal draw that tugs at all senses for total captivation.


 “The 3121 fragrance collection is the result of a shared vision to expand Prince’s creative opportunities and avenues of expression,” said Larry Couey, President of Revelations, a Philadelphia-based fragrance development and consumer product company.   “We have been working intimately with Prince on this innovative project and are thrilled to share the stage with a true creative genius.”


The introduction of the 3121 fragrance will be the first of many products under the umbrella of the 3121 brand, a collection that will express Prince’s artistic vision.  It will be available in 100 ml EDP ($70), 50 ml EDP ($52), and 30 ml EDP ($31.21) spray bottles.  There is also an Xquisite Perfume purse spray ($52) and Xotic Body Crème ($43) to complete the 3121 fragrance collection.  The brilliant 3121 bottles are reminiscent of emerald cut diamonds complete with a full front panel raised 22 karat gold 3121 decoration – an unprecedented elegance in today’s fragrance arena.


3121 reflects Prince’s personality and style through its design. Fusing the world of music with fragrance, Revelations is creating a unique strategy that will allow fans around the world to experience the mystique of Prince’s 3121.


Purple will Reign” on 07/07/07 with a 24 hour online charity event and a surprise

performance by Prince.  The charity event will kick off at 12am on 07/07/07 when the perfume will be available for purchase Xclusively at www.3121perfume.com.  The 30 ml bottle of 3121 will retail for $31.21 with 7% of each sale being divided between 7 charities chosen by Prince and Revelations. “This event promises to be huge as Prince fans worldwide will be able to participate in this Xclusive offer,” says Larry Couey.  “Our goal is to raise a half million dollars for charity on 07/07/07.”


3121 Perfume collection will simultaneously debut at select Macy’s stores.


About Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics Inc

Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics Inc, an eight year old Philadelphia-based fragrance development and consumer product company specializes in the design, development and manufacture of products for mass, department and specialty retailers. To date, Revelations has many successful brands to boast including: Stoked and Wired to Live (by surfer Bethany Hamilton), Florecita (by teen actress Shelbie Bruce), Stacie J Golden (The Apprentice), Loving Woman, Loving Man, Truth and Truth for Men.  Revelations’ private label brands include: Kirra, Vurt, Nollie and Lilu, for retailer PacSun as well as RE:VERB and Anisette, for d.e.m.o., Claire’s by Claire’s Stores and Icing.


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