Yung Berg

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Written by Max Achille  

With an unwavering confident persona, Yung Berg is sure to make heads spin as he ruthlessly goes for the title of Hip Hop’s young champion.  No stranger to the industry, he is back and ready with a winning team behind him as he heads his own Yung Boss Music Group.  This young cat, who hails from chi-town, will be a sure Boy Wonder. I sat down with him got a chance to really talk to this dude and found out first had what the much deserving attention he is getting was all about.

Max:  Tell me about your self.  

Yung Berg:  My name is Yung Berg form the south side of Chi-town.  At the age of fifteen, I got my first record deal with DMX through Def Jam on Blood Line Records.   It helped me to establish a lot of great relationships.  I met Eve through the process and a lot of different other people.  My parents actually pulled me out that deal and sent me to boot camp.  There was no love lost between me and X.  When I got out I just had to rebuild a name for myself. I started doubling back on my old relationships and working with people.  Then I met my producer, buddy named JFK who is a partner in my company and then Rob Holladay came into it.  We then formed the Yung Boss Production Company.   Now we just at work.

Max: How did the single “Sexy Lady” come about?

Yung Berg: Me and my managers just thought about the idea, put audio to it, and shipped it to the radio.  Everybody just has been embracing it since.

Max: You said that you started rapping at the age of fifteen-why hip hop? 

Yung Berg: I’m a fly boy.  I just wanted to do like Jay-Z and Nas was doing.  I felt like I could express myself and keep up with the rest of the greats.

Max: So whom else do you look up to past and present in the Hip Hop Game?

Yung Berg: Past: Biggie, Jay Z, Nas, Tupac; Present…I don’t even see no body else.  If you ain’t the boy Weezie or Juelz for the 21 or 22 age group…I’m 21 years old

Max: How has the game changed for you from the time you were fifteen coming out up until now?

Yung Berg: When I was fifteen I was a boy and now I’m 21 and I’m a boss.

Max: Why did your parents pull you out of the game at such an early age?

Yung Berg: I was a wild boy.  Just imagine your fifteen year old son running around with DMX.  It’s kind of scary for the average mom and dad to grasp.  But me and X wasn’t doing anything wrong. 

Max: How did that experience influence your style?

Yung Berg: It taught me to rely on myself.  When I went to Boot Camp I was cut off from the world.  I couldn’t watch television or listen to music.  I didn’t know Nas and Jay-Z had a beef.  I didn’t’ even know that 9-11 happened.  It forced me to grind hard.  I had no beats.  I was just writing rhymes to beats in my head.

Max: How is this major deal with Epic different from the one you had with DMX?

Yung Berg: I was a signed artist with DMX.  We have a production deal with EPIC now.  I am the poster boy for Epic records right now. I’m the first artist that is spearheading the whole urban movement over there.  I was just a crab in the bucket at Def Jam but I’m that dude over there at Epic. 

Max: How do you feel that you young cats define the voice of Hip Hop‘s next generation?

Yung Berg: We are doing something totally different.  I’m telling these young cats that you can be a young boss if you want to.  In any form or fashion. Whether it is doctor lawyer, rapper- in any shape that you can imagine.  Where I’m at with this position musically with my project is that an all in-house camp produces my album.  All the producers are young people and not only that but it’s also a lot of live instrumentation on my album.  My feature game is also really crazy on the album.

Max: Who are some of the features on Look What You Made Me?

Yung Berg: Eve, Collie Budz, Fabolous, Twista, Jim Jones, Shawnna, Everybody hailing from the young boss crew. The list just goes on an on.  It’s 17 records on the album. 

Max: How do you expect your fans to react to Look What You Made Me?

Yung Berg: I expect the whole nation to feel it because it’s a totally different sound and feel that no one has ever created or heard before.  I’m guaranteeing it.  You will never hear anything in the game right now that is comparable to my album.  If you do hear something better then ill give you your money back. 

Max: Tell me about “Sexy Lady” a little bit more.

Yung Berg: It’s the number one record in LA. The number one added to Urban this week.  We just shot the video for it.  People are embracing this record so crazy that when they see my face on T.V.  It will just be crazy.  It is a real serious look.

Max: How do you feel this single represents your whole album and is breaking through those doors in the entertainment industry?

Yung Berg: This first single represents a new sound.  I was trying to bring a new sound to this situation.  I wanted it to be something fresh and new.  I let the people be the judge.

Max: So tell me more about Young Boss Music Group.

Yung Berg: Well it consists of me, Rob Holladay, J. Fresh, my big brother Cap 1.  We`re what you want to be.  If you want to come get your stuff right you need to come holler at us.  We do this in every shape and form.  We do beats, hooks, R&B.  We can put a whole package together that is not just the microwave music that is going on.  This music is timeless…I mean my mother loves my music.  It just lets me know that I’m bridging the gap between the older generation and the younger fan base.  Because my younger fans are going to  love me because I’m a fly boy and the older people are going to love me because I am incorporating that old school sound to a new school flavor. 

Max: So why do the ladies love you?

Yung Berg: Cause of my swag.  I’m oozing swag right now-dripping cause I’m drenched.  I’m a new fresh face.  The music speaks for it self. 

Max: What would you like to see yourself doing in the future?

Yung Berg: Sitting in the same office where Jay-Z and L.A. Reid sit at being your favorite CEO’s favorite CEO.

Max: If you could speak personally to your fans what would you tell them?

Yung Berg: There is no age range or bracket that you have to be in to be in my shoes.  I’ve done it all.  You can be whatever it is you want to be.  Don’t let anything hold you back from your success.  People prefer you under their thumbs rather than on the top of the list.  I want people to get your Young Boss up.  The album is coming soon.  I’m looking forward to seeing my self next year at the Grammies with trophies.


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