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Multi-talented, award winning songwriter Erika Rose, best known for co-writing Alicia Key’s hit song A Woman’s Worth”, is gearing up to release her debut album entitled Rosegarden. The scheduled release date for Rosegarden is July 24th 2007.  Influenced by the artists of her parent’s generation, Erika sites Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Santana, Ani DiFranco, Sade and Joni Mitchell as the inspirations for her fresh, new sound of alternative, rock, pop, soul, jazz, and funk.


On the title track “Rosegarden, the world-renowned Chops Horns, lend to the authentic 70s sound while the mystical flamenco guitar solo takes you to a gypsy cave in Spain.  This is an intensely sensual song showcasing this bohemian siren’s angelic voice and impeccable harmonic prowess. With its pulsating drums, catchy hook and ornamental synth licks, reminiscent of the huge hits that made the sound of the 80’s, “Spell On You” is a female empowered song of seduction that stirs deep with its electric guitar solo. The heartfelt gutsy vocals and spine tingling strings are the centerpiece of the epic power ballad, “Days to Nite” about the passing of time with the love of your life. The Darkness” is a cinematic and introspective look into Erika Rose


Rose says, “Everything I write about comes from what I feel and how I live.” With “Be The Change” the pulsating reggae-rock beat and the underlying syncopation of the guitar meshing together surmounts to take the listener on a journey.  “This song is about how I see the world and what’s going on. Like the influential Mahatma Gandhi, I too feel that we each have to be the change that we want to see in the world.” Erika reveres in her humanitarian beliefs. She is heavily involved in causes for AIDS in Africa and servicing under-privileged youth in America by sitting on the Board Directors for Keep A Child Alive and Frum Tha Ground Up™ respectively. She recognizes her music is a vehicle to express and effect change to improve the human condition; this is her ultimate purpose in life!


Rosegarden is the collaboration of Erika Rose and Om’Mas Keith, the highly respected Record Exec./Producer, and Lead Singer of SA-RA, currently signed to Kanye Wests’ G.O.O.D. Music Imprint. All lyrics & music were conceived, written, arranged, performed, and produced by Erika Rose and Om’Mas Keith. Together they formed Infinity Le Monde Recorded Music™, a label committed to musical freedom & excellence. Their philosophy is largely demonstrated on Rosegarden, and through the artists they plan to produce and release.


Erika simply wants every ear that hears Rosegarden to be, “touched and moved because that’s the beauty of art, it’s a personal experience. Whether it’s the melody or the lyrics, the music or the rhythm, I just want people to be taken to some faraway euphoric land.  Just get high off of the music and go to a really deep place that brings them joy.”


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