Donnell Rawlings

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Ceditor’s Note: This interview was done before Donnell’s recent ‘unemployment’ status…. Hey Donnell, what’s going on?

Donnell: Chillin man, the show is doing well. We just added Ed Lover to the show, giving a little more experience you know. It’s fun, nobody hatin’, nobody calling each other bitches! We just have a good time. Are you touring now?

Donnell: I’m not touring, I’m doing spot dates. I’m not attached to sponsors or anything like that. I am touring on my own headline. I’m just hitting the road, you know?

Donnell: Well I’ll be in jersey, studio 9 in Woodridge, New Jersey the 19th through the 21st in the city. Yeah you know I want to see that. I know it’s going to be funny! Politically have you been reading about Barak Obama?

Donnell: Yeah, they letting black people raise money now. He only like a dollar and fifty cents away from Hillary Clinton. That’s a good look though, for real. Doing comedy, how do you make it look so easy? Like it’s effortless to you. You’ve been doing this for a while.

Donnell: Well, Paul Mooney was on the show today and he said the best ones make it look easy, I am not trying to be cocky or anything , but you got people who are trained and you got the people who are natural, I consider myself to be one of the naturals, you know? Everybody has a God given talent but a lot of times either people can’t identify it or don’t know how to turn it into money. I’ve been fortunate enough to turn my God given talent and make it lucrative. That’s right! That’s great man, I’m glad to see you doing your thing!

Donnell: Yeah man I am hustling, I’ve been doing this for 12 years and people are like “he is so lucky”, but like Oprah says, there’s no such thing as luck. It’s when preparation meets opportunity. So you got to just stay in it, because you never know when your hit is going to come. You got to stay relevant and stay in it. Speaking on Oprah, what do you think about her?

Donnell: She’s doing well for herself and she’s doing well for the Africans over in Africa too. So everybody’s happy. She did it for the females; she didn’t do it for the guys because she probably thought they’d bootleg her show. She probably said “I’ll look out for the girls and I’ll get the guys next show. Africa, what will you do when you finally get to Africa?

Donnell : I’m getting lotion. Lotion is a symbol of wealth in Africa, I don’t know if anybody knows that, but the more moisturized you are shows how wealthy you are. If you got lotion and cows in Africa, you are a baller. That’s the truth. Cows are worth money. Two cows are like going double platinum. What makes your edginess and your style of comedy different from the other comedians? Why do you stand out? Everybody knows Ashy Larry!

Donnell: I don’t know if my comedy stands out more than my work ethics. I always try to put myself in places people won’t go and always challenge myself. You’ve got comedians that can tell a joke and you know the joke is coming, and you got comedians that embodies the joke and becomes the joke or the humor and I think that is one of the things that separate me. It’s a lot of truthfulness that in my humor. When I perform I feel like I’m naked onstage. I know everyone hollas for Ashy Larry, how do you see it?

Donnell: I don’t think I’m more special than the other comics, it’s just that you got to be in the game and push yourself to have more opportunities. That’s one of the reasons I left D.C. After nine months, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get a career, not to say that D.C. isn’t a good town for comedy but it doesn’t have opportunities for comedy. In New York and L.A. see your local. So what’s next for you?

Donnell: I got something I’m working on, its on called Donell Rawlins from ashy to classy, it’s a cultural review meaning it’s a character called Ashford Lawrence. A series that comes on weekly, people get to see me do sketches. Sometimes it’s hard to sell your idea to a network so the quickest thing for me to do is go on the internet and that’s where everything is going. Log on to and go to the morning show page. One thing I want to know is what motivates you? What sends you on your quest?

Donnell: Making people and especially kids feel good, like this teacher I know in Brooklyn. He told me “you gotta come speak at me at my school because my kids don’t know who Nelson Mandela is but they know who Ashy Larry is. If I can have that type of affect on kids in a positive way, that’s just like even its rough days, I look at how kids embrace me and how they feel about it, and that’s where I get a lot of motivation from. What can you tell those kids that look up to you?

Donnell: I would tell them, know to lotion and stay focused!


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