Breakdown FM: All Eyes on Philly-Free Mumia! Free Your Mind!

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  • Listen to this exclusive Mumia Interview as heard on the Block Report

    As the crucial May 17th deadline looms closer we decided to hit you off with a Breakdown FM Free Mumia mixtape. Included in this Breakdown FM are up to date interviews with Fred Hampton Jr and Pam Africa who drop the full 4-1-1 on what’s at stake with regards to Mumia and how the police have been reacting to the planned rally in Philly.

    To say the least the police who we support with our hard earned tax dollars have been off the hook with their deplorable racist actions. In fact they gone so far as to beat down fellow Black and Latino officers in the city of Brotherly Love. Pam Africa goes into detail about the troubling history of the FOP (Fraternal order of Police). She talks about how they’ve run Black officers who out of town who sided with Mumia.

    Chairman Fred brings to light the recent string of police terrorism incidents around the US including the May 1st melee at McCarthur Park in LA and the beatings of school kids who were protesting school closings in Detroit on the same day. On top of that the police in NY have gone out of their way to try and intimidate Mumia supporters including sending out threatening emails and shutting down a Mumia benefit.

    Also included in this mixtape are several Mumia commentaries focusing on Hip Hop, the ineffectiveness of Black Leadership and the treatment of women. All of them are eye opening, especially the one on Hip Hop which is several years old but makes total sense in the wake of the Don Imus controversy

    We included some words of wisdom from exiled freedom fighter Assata Shakur. We also have includsed a recent exclusive interview with Mumia himself as heard on the Block Report.

    Of course we included some slamming music that pays tribute to Mumia.

    Reflect, Enjoy and Move Upwards
    Davey D

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