The Xzibit Interview

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Following his debut album The Speed of Life in 1996 – named because of the crazy life of rap and hip hop artists around this time, Xzibit has sculpted a path to rap supremacy. Xzibit has released six albums, Restless, reaching Platinum and both Man Vs. Machine and Weapons of Mass Destruction reaching Gold, and has sold a record six million albums worldwide. He has proved he can hold his own in the rap game with substantial song-writing power throughout his albums. Going down in history as a solid, well-constructed artist from the West Coast, this well established veteran has worked with many of the world’s credible Rap and Hip Hop artists such as Snoop Dog, Dr Dre and Kurupt. He has also had success in television by hosting the famous Pimp My Ride where he has fixed up numerous out of shape cars and, in true Cinderella style, pimps them out until they are blinging with spinning rims and such.


Xzibit speaks to us about the rumours that are written about him on and his European Tour 2007!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHow has your trip to the UK been?


I’m just here to do promotion for my European tour which is about to kick off in Brussels. It feels good to be back doing music again – I’m tearing it up! I’ll be in London on 14th May [London Astoria] and I’ll definitely be hitting the stage with music from my old albums to the new ones. It’s about that energy.


Do you listen to any UK artists when you’re out here?


Yeah man! I just got something from Klashnekoff the other day and also Roots Manuva. I’m up on all of that, I got you!


It states on Wikipedia that you’re already working on a new album called More Than Just A Game…


Nah, that’s not true and I have no idea where that’s coming from. I would never name one of my albums that anyway.


Who did you work with on your current album, Full Circle?


I worked with a few producers on this and we recorded it within two months. It was a matter of just wanting to get certain things off my chest so it was something we banged out quick. It felt good because the movement was there. I’ve never finished an album in such a short time before.


Koch Records is dealing with your Full Circle album. Are you signed to them now?


It was just a one-off licensing deal with them. I would like to see a new business model for my new album in order to move forward. I don’t know what the next album is going to come out on. I like being independent and I think distribution is the key. We’ll see what happens!


[Phone cuts and comes back] X, are you there?


I’m here and can hear you now but it sounds like you’re speaking from a prison or something [crazy laughter]. Are you calling me from jail?


No, but if I was in jail I’d still be doing this!


That’s tight!


You’ve had six albums out. Do you think you’ve still got a lot to write about?


I definitely have a few more records left in me as I grow and mature. I try to put that into the music and it’s a release and form of expression that I don’t have anywhere else. I can’t get that feeling with films or TV shows, it’s a totally different platform. As long as I perform to an optimum level and I feel satisfied with my performances, hopefully the audience will grow with me and see the direction I go in.


I was searching the net and saw that you have a few fan sites. Have you seen any of them?


I’ve definitely seen a few on there! is the main domain that I’ve been sitting on for a long time since 1996 when I first came out. I just got it back so I can do what I want with it. I’ve also got my Myspace site where I’ve got like 3 million plays. I don’t check a lot of my messages but I do look at the ones on the first page I see when I log in. I’m not a Myspace freak and can’t be on it all f**king day!


Have you thought of doing any more acting in the near future?


After Gridiron Gang, I had to fulfil obligations with Pimp My Ride and now I have to put my priorities right. If the right film comes along then I’ll jump on it but I want to focus on the fans and my music, which are the catalysts of what’s happening.


Is there going to be any more Pimp My Ride?


There are two more seasons lined up but we’ll see where it goes. I’ve seen a couple of episodes of the Pimp My Ride UK. It’s good that they’re expanding the brand and so many people can enjoy programme.


You were at the Gumball 3000 rally. Do you do that every year?


Nah, this was my first time. It was really good. I know there are a lot of rumours going around on the internet that I lost my licence but, come on, it’s not that serious! I got a fine just like everybody else. They can’t do s**t, it’s not like it was the Netherlands, thank you very much, I would never speed in the Netherlands. It’s not news that I got a ticket! My car [Lamborghini] goes about 200 miles per hour. I’ve also got a Range Rover Super Charge and a Bentley Continental GT. I don’t like to put a lot on my cars maybe just some rims and accessories to make it unique, and that’s about it.


By Rashmi Shastri


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