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“I Am What the Industry Needs Right Now!”

A Cool Wind From The Dirty Bottom

By Juanda C. for

Miami, Florida



When you think of Hip Hop and Miami there are a few people that come to mind you think Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, DJ Khaled, Baby and Lil Wayne are down here somewhere (I haven’t found them yet – and yes, I am looking). I had the good pleasure to meet one of Miami’s finest in the way of a young man named, “Casino” aka Walter Lee Daniels , Jr.

His mix tape “Cheedarville” is on the streets and is pumping through Miami’s clubs everywhere. If you been to Miami, you know they really party like “rock stars” down here. His beats go from the high end of dance mixes to that sit back and “yeah, uh huh, right there.”

As a journalist and a lover of the music industry, it was refreshing to meet someone with not only a hunger for the industry but the humility that will ensure him a seat in any arena he chooses to venture into. We asked some basic questions and true to his form, Casino answered candidly and sincerely. Often sitting back and thinking before he responded, I could tell that his hunger was balancing his humility and the interview resonating with this flavor.


Q: What is your name?


A: Walter Lee Daniels, Jr.


Q: Did you grow up in Miami?


A: Yes, South Miami.


Q: I have to ask this question for the ladies in the public, are you married, do you have children?


A: Yes, I am married and I have four children (LOL).


Q: How old are you?


A: 27


Q: That’s means you’re a responsible brother, Huh?


A: I believe real men take care of their responsibilities.


Q: What do you think sets you apart from all the others in the industry

right now?


A: I am unique and different. Not afraid to say what has to be said.

Most artist today emulate what is already said, rap about what the industry believes that will sell. I believe I bring a different voice in that I can talk about life in the streets but I also talk about things that matter like family, loyalty and integrity.


Q: In the wake of all the controversy around Hip Hop and their use of negative language and the impending censorship, what are your thoughts?


A: It is going to be difficult to censor out what people say and how they describe their experiences. For the industry, if there is going to be music (especially Hip Hop’s voice) we should continue to follow the trend that is there – there is the “clean” version and the “dirty” version. Parents need to censor what their children are hearing.


Q: Your music has a pure sound. Why do you believe you are so comfortable in communicating the way that you do?


A: I believe the music industry has had a certain sound for so long and that communication is not effective today. Subculture lifestyles are what they are. You will always have drug dealing, hustlers, whatever but while I can talk about that I can glamorize the realities of hard work, integrity, loyalty and remaining consistent in life to achieve greater goals than just money, power and prestige. Although I want all that too!


Q: The logo “Miami-Dade – We Keep It Dirty”, what does that mean to you?


A: Miami is the bottom of the map. A lot of times people tend to disregard what we have to say but in reality our voice is strong and as the climate of the Hip Hop industry changes we will be taking the forefront.


Q: Where do you see “Casino” and Dealmakers going from here?


A: Miami has a great deal of unsigned talent. In addition to promoting my career and “take it as far as it can go”; we plan to be an open door for other artists.


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For booking and information contact:


– (786) 349-1400


To hear:


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