The Rick Gonzalez Interview

May 16, 2007 at 2:38 pm | Posted in Interviews | Leave a comment

Written by max achille 

You need to get to know Rick Gonzalez.  The native son from Bushwick, B.K. who is of Puerto Rican and Dominican Descent, has had roles in films such as Old School (2003), Biker Boys(2003), Roll Bounce(2005), War of the Worlds(2005), Coach Carter (2005), and Pulse(2006), just to name a few.  The curly-haired afro-wearing star is definitely rising.  With a focus to “steady grind” Rick (only his grandmother calls him “Ricky”) feels that he remains humble because, “there is a whole lot more [he] has to accomplish.” 

After graduating from the infamous LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts where he got a chance to study the art of acting in depth, Rick moved to California in 2000 to further pursue his professional acting dreams.  Today he is concentrating on taking things to the next level of his career.  Five years from now, Rick hopes to establish himself as an actor who has really taken control, but boasts, that he only want to move forward by beginning to play more roles where he takes the lead.  Set to hit theatres this summer, Rick will get a taste, for his historic first time, of becoming one step closer to his goal as the lead star in the film Illegal Tender, directed by the honorable household name, John Singleton.  “I play William De Leon Jr., a college student who grows up in upper middle class Connecticut.  This kid is like a momma’s boy in a sense that he gets everything he wants…come to find out there’s a family secret about his diseased father’s past.  Now he has to defend and protect his family.  It’s a Gangsta flick that will give you a little twist.”  Rick just wants his fans to embrace the film that is “history in the making. There is no Latino film that is commercially viable the way Illegal Tender is that’s put on a level like that.”

His Latino heritage is one attribute, among many, that separates him from other actors.  “I’m proud and don’t shy away from it.  It helps me to be me…Sometimes you try to see similarity between yourself and the character.  You try to add a little bit of yourself, but you do it naturally and instinctually because you just are who you are.  Being him self is what he attributes to his success so far.  Rick has not forgotten where he comes from but knows absolutely where he is going.  His team U-Krime, from B.K., has supported him all the way through his career and is also his music affiliation.  The actor doesn’t just assume the moniker Realm Reality when he is in rap mode.  “That’s a name they used to call be back in the day when I used to do music a lot and obviously I’m still doing music.”  Do not be mistaken Rick A.K.A Realm Reality isn’t using the buzz around his growing acting career to become a rapper.  “I’m trying to build a resume lyrically in the streets, and trying to do it proplerly…Like my man Kweli told me when I told him that I love music and I just want people to hear me- He said that there is nothing corny about giving good music to people that just want to hear it.  So you know the way I see it is like I’m just trying to do it the right way, so that I can gain respect in my film and my music.” Rick is definitely paying his dues in the Hip Hop game and acting community.  This soon to be legend is strong and ready for all the success that will surely come his way.  “I appreciate all the love…I need that.”


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