Super Chron Flight Bros.: Opposites Still Attract

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Priveledge and Billy Woods are the most unlikely pair since Gnarls Barkley. With Privilege being a jazz musician and Woods being a certified MC, the sundry duo is on their way to stardom.

Philadelphia bred rapper Priviledge is not only an accomplished lyricist, but a musician who plays the guitar, bass, piano and has trained classically. A true lover of all music genres, he signed his first recording contract right out of high school. At nineteen, he was signed to Urban Ikon Records and joined the Rec Circle.


The offspring of guerilla movement parents from Jamaica and Zimbabwe, Billy Woods spent his childhood back and forth from Washington, D.C. and Zimbabwe. He would eventually start to rap. However, it wasn’t until the late 90’s that he met Vordul Mega. The two soon became good friends and recorded the legendary 2002 LP Camoflage.


       Edge and Billy Woods met by accident after both visited BackWoodz Studioz in Brooklyn. The two MC’s blazed an L, conversed, traded a few rhymes and then recorded the song Wonderful World.


After such an electrifying collabo, Edge and Woods soon partnered up and recorded several albums (Billy’s solo debut; 2004’s The Chalice & NYC supergroup The Reavers 2005 release, TERROR FIRMA.)


The duo’s current album entitled Emergency Powers is full of vivid stories,  amusing details and a satiric attitude reminiscent of Redman. With production from Wu-Tang affiliates MF Doom and Trife Da God, the album is a tale of everyday life and struggles.


The Super Chron Flight Bros., who arrived at the group name because of their love of the chronic, admit that almost every track on the album mentions something about marijuana, but still manages to stay serious, moving and of course, thought-provoking.


SCFB also confess that although they are heavy weed smokers, inspiration strikes them whether they’re under the influence or not.


With the history of SCFB out of the way, here’s more 411 straight from the mouths of the dope duo… Tell us about your new album Emergency Powers?

BW: We’ve got production from Cannibal Ox, MF Doom. It’s real creative and tells a story not like anyone else is doing.

Edge: It’s very eclectic. It’s serious, but also funny and satiric. When it comes to telling a story, no one can top us. Tell us about the first single Dirtweed?

BW: It’s produced by MF Doom.

Edge: Yeah, it’s one of the first songs we did. Give me three words that describe Super Chron Flight Bros.?

BW: Dynamic, sarcastic and lyrical. What do you guys contribute to hip-hop?

BW: Hip-Hop is creativity and freshness; making bold statements and being yourself. That’s what it’s about.

Edge: What’s missing is the intellectual side; someone that looks at things in a sarcastic way. What MC’s were you guys influenced by?

BW: Chuck D, Nas, Outkast and the Dungeon Family. They inspired me not to be the same as them and rap the same as them, but to be dope and fresh.

Edge: Definitely Redman; also Talib Kweli and Cannibal Ox. Charlie Parker is a big jazz influence to me.




Here are a few other jewels you may not know about SCFB…


Favorite Color: Any color but white.

Least Favorite Person: The Police, Rudy Giuliani

Person They Would Most Like To Meet: Bill O’Reilly; preferably with a broken Heineken bottle in hand.



Emergency Powers is also available on iTunes. Check the Super Chron Flight Bros. at


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