New Novel Charge It To The Game Based On True Crimes, Billion Dollar Fraud and Life of Michele Fletcher to Be Released Nationwide

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Michele Fletcher, business woman and owner of several successful beauty salons who was convicted and sentenced to prison for fraud and identify theft in 1993 has written a book called Charge It to the Game (La Femme Fatal Publishing.)  The highly anticipated novel which is loosely based on Michele’s Fletcher’s life, tells the story of a young woman who is reared by her subservient mother and monstrous drug dealing father and her quest to escape the harsh realities of her childhood.  However, a windfall romance with an abusive young hoodlum drags the main character, Erica Payne into a downward spiral she pains to escape. Drive, determination and a need for money to survive, Erica opts to find a street hustle of her own that out rivals any scheme the men in her life could have conjured up.  Before long, Erica Payne emerges as a brass, wheeling and dealing criminal who builds a mulit-billion dollar credit card for sale operation.


“Charge It To The Game is a deep, passionate and entertaining story that holds readers from beginning to end” says publisher, Loretta Williams.  It is sure to break new grounds and take readers in captivating directions”.  Fletcher, who wrote the book with plenty of time to reflect on her life while serving 48 months in federal prison, began keeping notes, journals and countless pads of paper filled with her thoughts and life experiences.  Those entries, sprinkled with embellishments and changed names, produced a novel that has garnered offers for the movie rights to Michele Fletcher’s life story from major studios.


“Charge it to the Game is a remarkable story that had me craving for more…” says K. Elliot, Essence Magazine Best Selling Author and Co-author of The Ski Mask Way (G-Unit Books). The praise for Michele Fletchers book is colossal. “Michele Fletchers debut novel is in a class by itself… it is the most honest, heart wrenching urban tale since Black Girl Lost. She clearly exceeds Terri Woods as the best female author in the street lit genre” explains Ben Moody, journalist and publisher of Urban Online.


While Charge It To The Game provides a compelling read, Fletcher also includes real tips on how to avoid identity theft and insight into what major credit card companies don’t want consumers to know. Topics such as Debit or Death of Your Credit and Convenience vs. Risk are two of the topics Michele addresses in an effort to help consumers view identity theft in a whole new light.


Charge it To the Game will be available at all national retail book sellers such as Walden Books and Barnes & Noble.


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