Guitar Center Presents Sessions: Education, Conversation, Inspiration – Apr. 27th 2007

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Education, conversation, and inspiration were the focus of the 2nd chapter of Guitar Center’s Sessions, a vitalizing panel and discussion with some of the most innovative luminaries that Hip-Hop has birthed. Cats like DMC, Chuck D, Buckshot, Rob Swift, Dru-Ha, Grand Wizard Theodore, Large Professor, and 88-Keys all gave some insight on what it takes to be successful in the music industry. Partying and drugs have become too prominent and exploited in the music. How good can your music be if you’re at the club 5 nights a week? The point is that if we put the drinks down, and blunts out for a little while and focus on our craft, we can move Hip-Hop forward and get out of this stagnant rut that this culture has been plagued with.

            The revolutionary Chuck D emphasized making music that was “genuine and 100% you” and that “falling to the pressures of record execs’ everlasting quest to make the maximum profit off a record is deteriorating Hip-Hop”. Chuck’s powerful voice and articulate wordplay controlled the audience like a preacher on Sunday afternoon. It was clear that his speech had inspired more then just a few, the Public Enemy front man was welcomed and finished with standing ovations complete with P.E’s most memorable lyrics being shouted out with some attendees almost in tears. With DMC and DJ Happa hosting the event the energy continued to build in the small room as Large Professor, BuckShot, Dru-Ha, 88 Keys, DJ Jab (Fat Beats), and Rob Swift took to the panel and answered questions from the crowd and dropped some knowledge. They shared some of their personal sagas filled with failures and successes. Large Professor, the same producer that gave Nas his introduction to the world repeatedly explained the importance of taking your time to learn every step of making music before your consider yourself “hot”. 88 Keys (Kanye West,Mos Def,Tribe) told his stories of “ditching piano lessons because I wanted to play drums, now I got to hire a piano player”, who would of thought a producer with a name like that, can’t play the keys? Partners Buckshot and Dru-Ha brought up crucial points on “spending your money wisely” and clearing up what it takes to be an independent label. “We’re not independent because we wanna be”, stated Dru-Ha co-ceo of the legendary Duck Down Records which has been in business since 1992. Bringing the event to a close Grand Wizard Theodore and Rob Swift shut it down with immaculate sets each combining the new school with the old school. The next Sessions event will be hosted in the Midwest and will include artists and entrepreneurs from the region.


Mikey Fresh


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