, The World’s First Internet Hip Hop Television Network Officially Launches

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HHTV ( officially launched this week as the world’s first internet hip hop television network, broadcasting original hip hop programming 24/7. Launched as a beta version in February 2007, the site has now been officially removed from beta and is readily accessible to the millions of hip hop fans worldwide. 

The brainchild of ex-rapper/recent college graduate – Ganiu “Scrills” Ladejobi, HHTV was created out of the frustration of watching the biased representation of hip hop by popular media. “I started this company as a way to provide a more balanced portrayal of hip hop culture and to showcase the other elements of hip hop that receive no coverage, even though they are as just as important as the music,” Ganiu says. “Television networks like MTV and BET are presently destroying our culture due to their commercialization of it. Yes, they’ve done a lot for hip hop but now it seems their focus is just on squeezing the dollars out of our culture. Hip hop is a grassroots movement, something built by the people and for the people, and that is what HHTV embodies. Nas said “Hip Hop is dead”, and while I disagree with that statement, it is clearly obvious that a change is needed, and that change is HHTV.” 

The HHTV platform – is truly a unique one. With a model based on traditional television, viewers can watch original content 24/7 for free via the website. Content will be based on twenty different shows all hosted by VJs and new episodes will initially be broadcasted every week, then every couple of days depending on the particular show’s schedule. The website will allow viewers to request music videos, participate in forums and contests, and also embed the myhhtv screen in their personal profiles on social networking sites like Myspace. Viewers will also be able to read up on all the latest hip hop news and rumors while watching a show simultaneously. “The response and support from hip hop communities worldwide has been overwhelming. Our current traffic has more than quadrupled what we initially expected, and that just goes to show that a medium such as ours has been long overdue, and that hip hop fans as a whole still respect a grassroots company like HHTV,” says Ganiu. “We’ve built a heavy buzz through word of mouth and that’s one of the factors that got us featured in the present issue of XXL magazine. We are as authentic as it gets. We have shows like Props 2 da DJ, Breaker Breaker and Faceoff that pay homage to the other elements of hip hop that don’t get any exposure presently” 

HHTV will work with advertisers to help implement ideas and messages that carry across a brand’s message effectively. “We want to really help our advertisers in delivering their messages in a way that creates brand loyalty and not in a way that comes off as Corporate America trying to take advantage of hip hop. We will be working with both small and large companies, and the possibilities are endless.” says Ganiu. “The goal is to deliver hip hop in a balanced manner and bring advertisers into our culture in a way that is organic. At the end of the day, I am just a young individual that wanted to create to a television network for hip hop fans worldwide with content that really caters to them and from the perspective of somebody such as me who saw that there was a need for a medium like HHTV. Our revolution will definitely be televised, on the internet of course.” 

About HHTV Network HHTV Network LLC is a start-up online television network providing 24 hours 7 days a week programming dedicated to the music, lifestyle and culture of hip hop via the internet. As the world’s first internet hip hop television network operated by young individuals with the same mindset as the audience, HHTV is ushering in a new era of hip hop. 

Ganiu “Scrills”


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