Virginia Rapper Gives Graphic Reminder of Virginia Tech with a Song Inspired by the Tragedy

May 3, 2007 at 2:14 pm | Posted in Hip Hop News/Press Releases | Leave a comment

Just over two weeks after the tragedy at Virginia Tech University, up and coming Richmond, VA rapper Nickel-Us F has made a chillingly graphic song (“Not Like This”) from the perspective of a student trapped in one the classrooms Cho Seung-Hui fired upon.

His motivation for doing the song in this fashion was partially to pay homage to the students that were lost, but also to give people a vivid account of what may have been going on when the shooting occurred (through his eyes). 

“Since the VA Tech tragedy people from all over were hitting me up to do a tribute, but I was reluctant to do it, even though it hit so close to home … When I actually got to thinking about it and heard what other rappers had to say about the situation I decided to look at it from my own angle,” says Nickel-Us F.

The song uses Raekwon’s classic beat for the song “Heaven Or Hell” as a back drop and takes the listener through a whirlwind ride of a student who is contemplating his life as the gunfire rings out around him. The hook is a glaring cry of “NOT LIKE THIS! NOT LIKE THIS! I always wanted to be remembered, but not like this. I wanted to go down in history, but not like this…”

The picture he paints is a vivid, at times graphic and heart wrenching…

His lyrics pull the listener into the world he’s envisioning, as he describes lives being lost around him and flashes back on to things he wished he had done before his inevitable death by the hands of the shooter. 

“I made the song as an artistic interpretation of what I read in the papers and saw on TV. I’ve experienced loss in my life and always have felt that making music was the best way to help me grieve, says Nickel-Us F.

It’s a well known fact that art has always been a key element in how we channel emotion and “Not Like This” is just one of songs that will hopefully entertain, spark emotion and most of all teach us, so that history will not repeat itself…

Download Link (Nickel-Us F Not Like This):

Alternative Link(Nickel-Us F Not Like This):


Artist: Nickel-Us F (Richmond, VA)


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