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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe Hip-Hop game gets Serius with Jersey emcee on board to show and prove that battle rapping is just the beginning of what Mr. Jones can do.  Straight out of Englewood, NJ, Serius Jones didn’t plan on becoming the versatile emcee that he is now.  Since his street fame of murdering rappers on Fight Klub, Serius Jones signed a contract with Ludacris’ Disturbing The Peace/Def Jam label.  If you guys are wondering why he chose DTP well all that will be answered.  Check it out! 

How did the DTP offer come about?


Basically I was putting in a lot of ground work, really building my buzz up with the Fight Klub and my Myspace page has a million something hits.  I had a lot of different offers.  That made the most sense to me because they’re kind of like the grassroots label even they have mainstream success.  So I thought for the type of movement I’ve been creating and building I thought they understand how to work it more than just some corporate office that just will give you some money and kind of leave you on your own and do you.  So I get to do me creatively but still at the same time they’ll willing to grind it out with me.  And they gave me a lot of money [laughs].


What other labels approached you?


I was talking to Warner Bros., every label that is there to talk to except for a couple of labels that were just stupid.  Every major label, Universal, which is the umbrella that Def Jam is under.  A lot of companies don’t have the resources to be able to support a Hip-Hop project.  Certain labels don’t have the departments or staff to grind it out in the streets with you so why would I put myself in that position.  Just because they gave me some money, it’s bigger than that.  I made sure that my situation was the full spectrum thing.

When did you start rhyming?


Like 5 years ago…

How old are you?


I’m 24.  Actually I’m lying [laughs].  I’m 26, I started rhyming… wow…. Maybe 6 years now.  I started rhyming when I was 19, 20.  I started rhyming late, it was kinda like a hobby I realized I was good at.  I took it to the next level and decided why not get money?  That’s when I started to get involved with battles and I saw how crazy it was and the response by people.

Everybody knows you from ripping Jin (106&Park’s Freestyle Champ) apart of Fight Klub a few times.  There’s a misconception that battle rappers can’t make good music.  How do you feel about that?



That’s just ignorance because people don’t know their homework about rap.  Anybody that was ever a real MC battled before.  Every rapper that you could name on the east coast from LL, to B.I.G., to Jay to Nas to everybody.  They weren’t as good at battling as I am.  That’s a bad thing that I’m so good?  It means that I can’t be good at something else.  Nah.  At the end of the day and anybody who has common sense and they want to go to my Myspace page or or anything that has my music on it, It takes two minutes to find out.  You don’t have to take my word for it, just listen.  A lot of these rappers they not going through nothing, they just rapping about rap, tryna be rappers.  I never wanted to be a rapper.  I always thought it was corny and cliché that everybody wanted to be a rapper.  It kind of got to the stage where that perspective and me having the outlook on it I think that’s what gives me a different perspective of why I don’t sound like your typical rapper because I’m not looking at it as a typical rap guy that just wants to be one and shining.  My whole thing is on some real life shit.  My music, if you’re dealing with anything real or even if you’re not you could take something from it versus me just rapping about being the nicest rapper or tryna get you to like me type shit.  The people will be the judge. 

You’re from Jersey and several Jersey artists haven’t gotten that much exposure besides Redman and Joe Budden.   How do you feel about Jersey artists being over shadowed by New York?



Talent speaks for itself.  Some of the best selling artists came from Jersey like Lauryn Hill and Wyclef.  If the talent is really there it’s just like anybody else.  If you find a bag of money laying around somewhere then your gonna look to find more so its just like that if there’s talent in a particular region then people will look for more talent in that area.  It’s not a discrimination thing.  People think they’re trying to hold them back but from a fan perspective they want people to shine and have someone to listen to from their hoods.  It’s just about rappers having the full package. 

When are you dropping your album?


I was going to drop it in June but I’m filming a movie so it’ll be out late June or July, August at the latest.  I’m not the nigga who just wants their shit to be out just to put it out.  I want it to be an event than just a record.  I got Shareefa on the album, definitely Luda and my group First Ave.  Steph Jones, Willie Northpole, new artists on DTP and we’re still recording.  It’s me on the album.  I don’t need people to be on the album, if a record calls for a particular person then I’ll put them on it.  It’s going to have classic feel records on it.

Tell me about the movie you’re filming.



Basically it’s my life story.  I have a crazy life. There are a lot of different zones that’s not typical for a rapper like going to college, going to jail, working in corporate America, working at barbershops, things like that.   There are a lot of different zones that brought me to who I am now Serius Jones that you read about or that you see on your TV screens.  I think it’s more important that people know my story or know that there is a story versus people knowing I just rap. 

What’s the name of it?



It’s tentatively called “Small Town Hustle”.  I’m from Englewood, outside of New York and its Jersey.  It’s weird because it’s a different zone than your average hood.  My hood is only 15 blocks.  My whole story is me finding a way to make it out of my situation to get to the money or a higher status.  Dealing with the many options my hood gave to me.  It’s gonna be entertaining like comedy/action with guns going off and jokes and battles.  It should be exciting.  I’m going to package that with Independent album that I’m going to do and include like 5 or 6 songs with it.  That’s to keep my buzz poppin until my official album comes out. 

What’s next for you?


I have a mixtape out right now you can go to my Myspace page,  I have another mixtape with Clinton Sparks that’s going to be available in a month.  I have a DVD coming out with my album it’s like a highlight reel.  I’ll have t-shirts and baby-tees for the album.  I’ll be posting some underground battles on  So stay tuned. 



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