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The light that shines on the hip-hop culture dimmers with each manufactured beat and mediocre lyric crafted by its female contingents. Today’s work is nothing in comparison to hip-hop’s golden age of the late 80s and early 90s, when Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Yo Yo ruled the airwaves.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTrue to the old adage, ‘Change Is Gonna Come,’ Bronx native Infamiss has arrived to shine light on the overcast MC landscape. Given her pedigree, coming from the birth place of hip-hop (Bronx NY), and with lyrics that reflect the essence of the culture in its purest form, her mixtape signifies the dawn of a new day. 

“By all intent and purposes, Infamiss’s mixtape will resonate in the streets where rap music is revered and appreciated, while echoing off the boardroom walls of every A&R’s office who is looking to sign the next superstar artist. Under the well-lit stage of the Apollo Theatre the Bronx native basked in glory from the standing ovation received from the capacity filled crowed as a member of the rap duo Misslead. Within hours, a deal was offered to amplify the beauty of the moment. But, due to the untimely pregnancy of her partner in rhyme Annonmiss and the labels eagerness to water down their image, Infamiss decided to embark on a solo career.  

In person, she is breathtaking with her smooth mahogany skin and dented dimple smile that could reach the heights of heaven. But, looks can be deceiving. Growing up in a dire childhood surrounding, the Bronx-bred rapstress young eyes became a witness to drug dealings, murders and the incarceration of several childhood friends. Several platinum beatmakers and up and coming boardsman already expressed interest in contributing to her forthcoming album on the strength of the incredible buzz she garnered thus far. 

Infamiss, star potential is unquestionable on the lead single “They Don’t Really Know” where she unleashed her fierce lyrical skills to dispel the sexist implications of being just another female rapper. Armed with the harden persona lyrically and beauty to match she possess the attracting power of a true rap star.

Rahiem Shabazz


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