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April 26, 2007 at 7:50 pm | Posted in Editorials/Opinions | Leave a comment

Whoa what’s up members and visitors, it’s your boy JawZ, just ranting and raving for the moment.  So please while reading this entry, bare with me, as always, I strive to empower you in a reading and maybe get a few laughs in at the same time. 

Let’s discuss what I think is very important to us in this hip hop community man.  Today we should get on the subject of literature (no not that crap your English teacher forces you to read) because the older I get, the more I find that by continuously indulging in reading materials, I learn more and unlock doors to mysteries that I would’ve never ever solved (that’s a metaphor, lol).  I noticed while searching through another site and googling books, that recently hip hop is not only making money from, cd’s, dvds and new media advances (new media actually is a new division in a lot of record companies, so go to college major in info systems and rape the market, or just holla at Big Ced hehe), but hip hop is also increasingly collecting royalties from book publishing.  That’s great.   

I’ll try to explain that last line, for example, I read this book a few months back by Hill Harper (CSI: New York, He got game, etc.) called “Letters to a Young Brother”: MANifest Your Destiny, which was written to act as a sort of manual to becoming a successful and morally correct minority youth in America.  Hill wrote the book in an easy to read, “let me talk to you” manner, and he even used Nas as one of his contributors in the book at the end of a chapter to answer a question asked by a kid whom Hill was mentoring.  Once I read that Nas was “Industry Cosigning” this book, that gave me all the more push to go out and buy it.  That’s just one example of how the book industry is now using hip hop to boost sales.  So rather you’re an inspiring MC, “hip hop head”, “backpacker” or whatever hip hop term may suit you, if you read more and put energy towards an idea you have that concerns/contains hip hop and something else that you’re passionate about, then man, you could have a best seller on your hands.

Something else gave me the inspiration to write this entry, Friday, while reading the newspaper, I learned of how much money U.S Senator Barrack Obama earned in 2006, he made almost a million bucks because of royalties from his best seller “The Audacity of Hope”.  Just think of how much money that people like George Orwell, Judy Blume or some of my other childhood favorite authors have made from their books.  Plus writing a book could make your lyrics 10 times as nicest as the next rapper because you’ll obviously have a wider vocabulary than that guy and could convey your message to a much larger audience.

I’m informing the readers of this site about reading books and so forth in such a manner because I know that in the world of hip hop, we are motivated by passion and money, just like in any genre of music or career field.  I could give a damn if a kid likes reading or not for the enjoyment he gets from it, but if he gives it a shot because money may be a motivating factor then hey, I know that kid may one day pick up a book that could possibly change his life and maybe a trend would start in the hip hop and black community that would involve kids reading and sharing books.  Knowledge is power right? Maybe we should start getting rappers to write books for every album that comes out.  Don’t steal my idea either, if you do pay me (lol). 

P.S.  Check out Kevin Liles’ (former President of Def Jam, now V.P of Warner Bros.) book as well it was very good, plus I heard LL Cool J’s workout is the real deal.

And I’m out.


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