When did Cam’ron become the Voice of Hip-Hop?

April 26, 2007 at 9:39 pm | Posted in Editorials/Opinions | Leave a comment

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When did Cam’ron become the spokesperson for Hip-Hop? Did anyone forget to call Jay-Z or Talib Kweli? It wasn’t enough that Oprah and her guests, who included Stanley Crouch, Jason Whitlock and female students from Spellman College, tear a hole in the Hip-Hop panel of Russell Simmons (Sounded like a bafoon all the way through), Dr. Ben Chavis (Who should change from Dr. to Rev. with his preaching), Kevin Liles (Who cares about your rise from intern to President? That’s not the issue) and Common (Even he had his misses).  

Now, 60 Minutes did a profile on the “Stop Snitching” epidemic which has been custom in inner-city neighborhoods for decades, but has exploded in recent years with it’s commercialization thru song and clothing. Who did 60 Minutes look for to talk about “Stop Snitching?” None other than the “Albert Einstein” of Hip-Hop, Cam’ron. Whatever happened to publicists? I guess Jim Jones is preparing Killa for interviews.


If you thought there’s a witch hunt against Hip-Hop, you’re probably right. But in defense of the so-called art and “poets”, like Russ would say, are a bunch of fools. The worst legal defense team you can have. I haven’t seen one well-articulated argument from someone in the Hip-Hop game. It’s always the same nonsense. “We ain’t calling everyone hoe’s.” “This is how we grew up man.” If that’s how you grew up, express it. But, once you get out of that life talk about the life your living now. Show growth! Trust me, I’m a fan. I listen to the music. All the way from 50 to Lupe. Different ends of the spectrum and all. But, as much as I’m getting tired of hearing wack music in general, I’m getting even more exhausted of watching little kids from Harlem like the ones on the show last night sounding as ignorant as the rappers.  All 5 of them said they’ve been witnesses to crime but didn’t report a thing. Granted, our relations with 5-0 ain’t healthy (I.E. Sean Bell, Cincinnati, Rodney, Louima) but we are letting criminals run rampant in our community without worry. You know what I call this? Selfishness. Our community is selfish as hell. We don’t share with each other. We don’t come together as people. But we share bullets with each other that’s for sure. We trade insults with each other. We step on one another and hate when someone else is trying to make moves. Fact or Fiction? We don’t need ESPN to answer that one.  

Back to the issue at hand. So Cam, your telling me that if Jay sent someone and tied up mom dukes in a
Brooklyn basement, you wouldn’t snitch on Hov? You’d leave Mommy Cammy there to die? You’d turn into your worst enemy, Curtis and go straight to the police “like you should.” $$$ signs have taken over ethics and morals. Your code of ethics is not only harmful to yourself but to our community. Thugs like Busta Rhymes should be thrown in jail not just for their numerous offenses, but for the fact that 25 witnesses said he was right next to the killing of Israel Ramirez and saw the shooter but refuses to cooperate with the Police. Ramirez’ family will never get their husband and father back, but don’t you think it’d be nice if they atleast found out who did this horrible crime? Don’t you think a life takes more importance than a career? Not to Hip-Hop acts. Selfish my friends.

In final, Is this what Malcolm and Martin fought for? Didn’t they fight to end ignorance? I believe they did. Problem is, the voices of our community are now rappers who are  unraveling all their work and sooner or later we’ll be saying “Martin and Malcolm Who?”

Claudio Cabrera


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