Bleach Brothers, Dirt man & Reka,The Coolest White Dudes on Earth

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It’s been a long time since we heard from The Bleach Brothers comprised of two members-Italian, and Irish-, Reka (aka Reka Norris), and Dirt man (aka Dirt Da Rock Morocco). In 1999, Terror Squad, The Album introduced The Bleach Brothers on the song ‘that’s my shit.’ After the song dropped the streets were talking, and everybody wanted to know who they were.

Making a name for themselves as true talented MC’s back on the block growing up in Queens, New York (Pomonok Houses), and
New Jersey. Combining their hoods, originally calling themselves Q-Jru, The Bleach Brothers changed their names after an appearance on ‘MTV’s Return of the white rapper’, which is a name that demands attention like their sound. Proud of who they are and their heritage

The Bleach Brothers stayed diligent despite the frustration of deals falling through they were always consistent about making music thereby staying in the studio. Having shopped their music for years finally approached by Tommy O’Rourke of Trump Music Incorporated where a successful joint venture deal was birth fourth. Hello, how are you? So what’s new Dirt man? 

Dirt: I’m good getting that paper just selling albums. We independent, so we got to sell albums because if we don’t we don’t get paid or eat. AMI is distributing our Independent work. That is what’s up a true paper chaser; you are my kind of man.

Dirt: Yeah, we gotta be on our grillz grind right now, ya heard! It’s the only way in this business. I love artist on their hustle making their dreams a reality, you no doing your own thing handling business whether its music, writing, dancing, and/or school. I love when people just get it done and chase their dreams.

Dirt: Yeah, in this game, and any line of business you gotta be persistent, especially in this shit. You gotta keep the faith, keep going, and you better never give up cause you never know when it will be your moment to shine, so be prepared when that time comes. Don’t ever let anybody shut you down in this game because they will try. I seen cats rapping for six months talking about ain’t nothing popping off, and then just quit. They never gave it a chance to jump off. It takes time in this music shit. What do you think about the current state of Hip Hop with everybody trying to be a rapper?

Dirt: Yeah these days everybody is rapping. They all want to be a rapper or a producer. We’ve been in this game for a minute. Study our history; we were on Terror Squad, The Album years ago. We’ve been doing shows and just staying hunger with diligence. Like us, Jay and 50 both was dropped off of labels and they keep it moving never stopping and the rest is history because they wouldn’t settle. Look at Dipset not an overnight success but is doing is thing because it didn’t let anything or anybody stop him. Everybody is rapping but everybody can’t rap these days but we can’t knock their hustle because if most wasn’t rapping they would probably be dead, in jail or working some place they hated.

Dirt: Yeah, we all got to eat but don’t just put out one hot song and the rest is garbage… 1 hot track that radio plays and the other 13 tracks are wack as hell. We take our time and put our good quality music. But you can’t hate because they gotta eat and live so this is their way to survive, I ain’t mad at them. Yeah, I am about people doing what brings them joy so if you can live and not struggle that is a good look. What next’s for The Bleach Brothers? 

Reka: We got a new joint rocking the radios with Bad Boy’s Carl Thomas. We are also working with on the ‘Immortal’ joint with Jim Jones. G-Rap you know we gotta go back to the streets.

Dirt: JR Rodum, The Runners they laced us with two head bangers, its fire! How do you feel about the music business in general?

Reka: Like my partner said, we been in this for years and you can’t let nobody turn you around because diligence and persistence pays off in the long run and we about staying in the game. We had a deal with a record label and then it fell through but we keep moving with consistency. What else can your fans expect from The Bleach Brothers/

Reka: We got our clothing line, The Bleach Brothers Apparel, Bleach Brothers Films, more good music with great beats, and so much more. What is some advice you can give some artist on the come up?

Reka: We want longevity in this business, so we make good music that will last. We are passionate about what we do, and we put our heart in our music. Be passionate, focused, and stay persistent that is what I can say to rappers coming up.

Dirt: Make sure your business plan is tight because this is a business, and if you want to get paid with longevity tend to your business especially if you are independent. The Probly (this is the way they spell it on their track) Not Hood lyrics are hot. You, and your partner basically give a recipe for people who are not hood but may pretend to act as if they know the hood but probably never been.…You probably not hood if u pay your bills on time/…you are probably not hood if your frig is always full/…you are probably not hood if you buy your jewelry out the back of the source. Give me a few last words.

Reka & Dirt: In this business, we abide by Universal Law, we do what we do, and let others do what they do. We don’t mess over nobody in the process because karma is a bitch! We try and teach new cats coming up in the game on our Independent label called Bleach Brother Enterprises LLC.

All those wanting to get their music business grind on for real check out some of the crucial principals to longevity, which The Bleach Brothers have managed to live by within the game:

·        Be persistent·        Stay focused·        Never give Up·        Stick to making good music·        Know your Intellectual Property (Copyright, trademarks, Patent, and Publishing Rights)  

The Bleach Brothers are true business men. Despite set backs, always on their grind as Independent Artist they are faithful to making good music, teaching new comers the ropes, and getting paid. It took them a minute, but they are back, and now it’s a wrap. With their new album, they have skillfully produced songs that make you think, dance, simply boob your head and/or mediate on the lyrics. Both Reka, and Dirt, are lyrically gifted MC’s that paint pictures with verbs twisted around well produced beats created with precision by Dirt so visit them at

Written By Daphne D. Williams


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