Why the “DUKE HO” and Mike NiFOOL should be jailed.

April 24, 2007 at 11:05 pm | Posted in Editorials/Opinions | Leave a comment

I’m guilty as charged. Considering the history of slavery and the idea of white men taking advantage of black women for 400 years the Duke situation looked clearcut to me from the onset. It was just another example of privelaged white men thinking they can run roughshot over anybody.

From the jump, these 3 men were guilty to me. Throw in the racial boiling pot that is the South and the surburban lifestyles these kids came from and I thought the accuser was raped as she claimed. Boy was I wrong. You can throw in every white, black, green, blue and red publication on earth into that mix as well. Bunch in Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the rapper Common too. These young men’s lives were ruined by this “HO.” I know the word has been in the news because of Imus and many women were up in arms over this but this liar deserves the word and more to come.

It’s interesting because I was watching FOX News the day of the announcement and I was kind of turned off by the fact that they showed the picture of this young woman. On second thought, they should plaster her picture all over America so she never forgets the grave injustice she’s done to these boys and most importantly, to race relations in the Research Triangle and throughout the South. Like the South didn’t have enough racial tension already! This woman messed up race relations in this region for a very long time just when you thought it was getting better.

Think about the way black women were put on a pedestal this week as they should be for their contributions to society and our race in general. Then comes this “HO” who should be jailed messing everything up and bringing black women from the top of the ladder back to the bottom with her lies.

Most importantly, think about the impact this has on rape victims. The victims out there who were really raped and their lives were scarred by these disgusting acts. Now think of those in the future who will fall victim to a rape. Do we believe them now? This “HO” brought the credibility of rape victims to an all-time low.

As far as how I like to call him Mike NiFOOL, this crook should be thrown in jail right next to her. Actually, why not build a small prison for the both of them. They can sit next to each other for years lamenting the mistakes both of them made. NiFOOL like many other DA’s turned his shoulder to the evidence and felt he can still convict these kids based on the racial tension built up in the area. He felt if he could bring this trial and have a diverse jury, racial allegiance on the part of blacks would land him the “case of his career.” Wrong. Re-Election? Ehhh No. One wanted re-election and the other wanted money. Both are coming out with neither.

My apologies to Sean Hannity and Mr. O’Reilly. I consider myself a moderate and agree with some things Olbermann may say and some things these two men mentioned earlier say, but when all of us jumped to conclusions and decided these men were ready to be hanged, you two decided to wait for the evidence and rightfully so.

People were calling for Imus’ head and an apology from him. Where’s the apologies from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Common, Duke University Professors and the NY Times? Where are they now? I haven’t heard a “my bad” or an “I’m sorry” yet.

Trust me, there are injustices in this world but one of the biggest growing injustices is the double standard that’s been around for a long time between blacks and whites. Why do they have to be accountable for stuff they say or do and not us? We will never forget about slavery and don’t expect us to, but it’s not about the past history of this country, it’s about “right and wrong.” For these people not to apologize to these 3 young men is a shame.

Claudio Cabrera


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